Made in International
Series Chronology

Made in International is a test season, based on the Danish reality-show "Made in Denmark".



The GameEdit

Episode Theme Skilled's Pick Judge's Pick
1 Movie Trivia Najim Nathaniel
2 TRE ORGs Nathaniel Purry
3 Gaming Najim Nathaniel
4 Sports Najim JA
5 Photography Jaylen Purry
6 Chemistry Gavin Nathaniel
7 Math JA Purry
8 Finale Andrew


Contestant Skill Points Final
Nathaniel Nlby001
23px-Flag of Sweden.svg Math 20 1st
PurryHostAtD AmazingPurry
125px-Flag of Scotland.svg Movie Trivia 17 2nd
Najim rahman Najim Rahman11
23px-Flag of India.svg Chemistry 13 3rd
Gav (3) GoldAce153
23px-Flag of the United States.svg Sports 13 4th
Jurassic Laugh in the Haze!
23px-Flag of the United States.svg TRE ORGs 9 5th
Jatar 1stHonor
23px-Flag of the Philippines.svg Photography 8 6th
Jaylenhvv Fakeboy823
23px-Flag of the United States.svg Gaming 3 7th

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