This is the first episode of Made in International. The theme was 'Movie Trivia' and Purry was the Skilled Person. The Judge for this episode was Nuno.

Training ProjectEdit

On this Wikia Purry has made, create a page about After the Dark (the movie). It is judged on beauty, style, information and creativity.

Contestant Submission Points
Najim Link 2
Gavin Link 0
Jaylen Link
Nathaniel No sub.

Free ProjectEdit

The headline given for the Free Project was Poster.

Contestant Submission Points
Nathaniel 11129489 1428123530818005 1562648319 n 3
Andrew 11131068 1633243516897889 1462970129 o 2
Jaylen Link 1
Najim 11134181 367934580065734 720401356 n 0
Gavin Link
JA Link