This is the fifth episode of Made in International. The theme was 'Photography' and JA was the Skilled Person. There was no Judge for this episode.

Training ProjectEdit

Take a picture that relates to your skill in the game.

Contestant Submission Points
Jaylen 11178612 1655627874661020 1971377896 n 2
Nathaniel 11174358 1433999393563752 2091713112646284918 o 0
Najim Link
Purry No sub.

Free ProjectEdit

The headline was Selfie.
Purry was the only one who submitted, giving her the points for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

Contestant Submission Points
Purry 11123024 1594273560854918 1213098990 n 6
Nathaniel No sub. 0

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