Contestant Profile
Birth Date 5 July
Hometown The Netherlands
Occupation Student


Age 27
Profession Musician
Trait Took the first year of medical school.
Group Middle Section
Weeks 8
Current Status Deceased
Kills 0
Death Shot by Leslie.

Haunted Hill

Age 15
Profession Student
Trait Won a triathlon once.
Group East Wing
Weeks 14
Current Status Deceased
Kills 0
Death Throat slit.

Maxwestt, better known as Max, is a survivor from the After The Dark series.


Name (Age): Max (18)

Current Residence: The Netherlands

Personal Claim of Fame: :|

Hobbies: Gaming, Music

3 words to describe you: Suspicious, Hard-working, Interested

If you were in a fire, what would be the one thing you would rescue?: Myself

Why do you think you will survive?: Smarts, maybe?



Haunted HillEdit

Fire hasn't not solved a problem yet!

Max became known as the pyromaniac of East Wing with his tendancies of setting things on fire to solve problems. Sometimes working, but also often not, he caused both successes and failures.

Max quickly settled in in the East Wing with the other people in his group. While exploring his room, he found an old lever, which he later opened to find a skeletton key.

In the third week, Max, Purry, Orange and Erica are all together in Max's room. There, the door is being assaulted by a ghost. While Erica and Orange escaped from the window, Max and Purry face the ghost head-on. There, Purry gets stabbed. Max grabs blankets from his room and sets them on fire with his candle, scaring the ghost away, but knocking Purry onconscious and setting the hallway on fire. Luckily, Luke came and put out the fire.

In the fourth week, while Orange is being stretched, Max tries to form a circle to force the ghost out, but fails. He then tries to burn through the ropes, and succeedes, but too late as Orange has died.

In the sixth week, Max tries to save Emme as she is being schredded.

In the later weeks, Max tries to make a meal for the ghost of the woman, trying to appeal her. He fails, however, as he does not have the proper ingredients for a good salad. This results in Kurt, who was possessed, killing Rebekah.

Max and Nick try to smoke out the rats in the pantry, but fail to do so as they reappear somewhere else.

After everyone gets to the Middle Wing, Max explores. In the end, his throat is slit by the ghost of the thief.