Contestant Profile
Birth Date July 2nd, 1997 (Age 17)
Hometown Oradell, NJ
Occupation Student

War Zone

Age 27
Profession Web Designer
Trait Is a computer expert.
Group Inside/Bunker Group
Weeks 12
Current Status Survived
Kills 0

All-Stars 2 - MonoLuke's Revenge

Age 28
Profession Web Designer
Trait Is a computer expert.
Group House Group
Weeks 4
Current Status Deceased
Kills 0
Death Burned to death.


Age 65
Profession Writer
Trait Has breathing problems.
Group Lifeboat Group
Weeks 17
Current Status Survived
Kills 0

Jurassic Park

Age 22
Profession Computer Nerd
Trait Can program almost anything.
Group Beach Group
Weeks 6
Current Status Deceased
Kills 0+
Death Stabbed by LeShandria.


Age 52
Profession Professor in cartography
Trait Allergy.
Group Sotra Group
Weeks 11
Current Status Deceased
Kills 0
Death Shot by Navin.

20 Days

Age 64
Profession Lecturer
Trait Poaching.
Weeks 20
Current Status Survived
Kills 1
Statistics of Mikey
Cycles survived 72
Kills 1


–Mikey, throughout most of Shipwreck.

"I'm gonna have to go up there. This place might not be safe tomorrow. One more disaster. One more day of danger after this, then I'm free."

–Mikey, 20 Days.

PeaceOut12, also known as Mikey, is a survivor and contestant from the After the Dark series.

Known for his strategic mindset and unique strategies for dealing with difficult situations. After surviving his first season, War Zone, and being put in the second All-Stars, Mikey was voted into the After the Dark Hall of Fame


  • Mikey is the only one to be a sole survivor of a season, having survived 20 Days.
  • Mikey has gone the second longest amount being the only person left alive, lasting the last 2 cycles of 20 Days by himself, behind Luke's three cycles in Lost.