Mirai Nikki: Fourth World
Season 4
Season Run November 29th, 2015 - February 8th, 2016
Winner 1st, Risa Miura, Jamie Franzel
People 12
Series Chronology
Previous Season Third World
Next Season Fifth World

Mirai Nikki: Fourth World is the fourth season of Mirai Nikki.


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Person Number Identity Real Name Diary Rank
S28 Jamie
1st Risa Miura Jamie Franzel The Gossip Diary Jamie Ex Machina
Hannah Manga
Hannah Banana23
9th Megumi Sakai Hannah Straarup The Report Diary 2nd
8th Choko Nogucci Alf Niugnep The Decision Diary 3rd
12074602 100268200334607 2306741882871598515 n
11th Diana Boku Eva Salgado The Display Diary 4th
5th Haru Yamazaki Sora Haynes The Torment Diary 5th
4th Alex Miura Kevin Williams The Quest Diary 6th
6th Nolan Hemphile Jaylen Grigsby The Nocturnal Diary 7th
Large 1465806
10th Ryota Arai Ezekiel Browne The Survival Diary 8th
Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 9.46.50 AM
12th Lucas Kudo Gavin Young The Stalker Diary 9th
2nd Asumi Shimizu Allison White The Double Life Diary 10th
7th Holland Crump Ahsan Tariq The Hoax Diary 11th
Octoling King
3rd Mi Abe Andrew McOrange The Paranoia Diary 12th



A map was made by Joan of Yorakushi City. It is the biggest one that has been made so far in the Mirai Nikki series.


  • Holland Crump, 1st, Ahsan Tariq - Wrong
  • Holland Crump, 12th, Ahsan Tariq - Wrong
  • Holland Crump, 10th, Ahsan Tariq - Wrong
  • Holland Crump, 11th, Ahsan Tariq - Wrong
  • Holland Crump, 4th, Ahsan Tariq - Wrong
  • Holland Crump, 6th, Ahsan Tariq - Wrong
  • Holland Crump, 2nd, Ahsan Tariq - Wrong
  • Holland Crump, 7th, Ahsan Tariq - Correct
  • Nolan Hemphile, 6th, Sora Haynes - Wrong
  • Nolan Hemphile, 2nd, Sora Haynes - Wrong
  • Nolan Hemphile, 1st, Sora Haynes - Wrong
  • Nolan Hemphile, 9th, Sora Haynes - Wrong
  • Nolan Hemphile, 12th, Sora Haynes - Wrong
  • Akisa Yandere, 4th, Eva Salgado - Wrong
  • Kakako, 1st, Hannah Straarup - Wrong


The following is a list of the diaries used by the main characters and participants of Jonas's battle royale. They were revealed as the users were found out and their identities revealed.

  • The Gossip Diary: The diary used by Risa Miura (Jamie), also known as The First. Through a text message format she recieved accounts from different people informing her of things she might be interested in. The text messages change every day depending on people Risa befriended and subjects she displayed interest in. It reflects Risa being a high school student that spends a large amount of time gossiping. It is a cellphone.
  • The Double Life Diary: The diary used by Asumi Shimizu (Allison), also known as The Second. Before every day The Second was to choose between two functions. One would keep track of Asumi's family members and events that ocurred within the household's recidence. Meanwhile the other one guided Asumi through spionage missions and told her the weak points in the security systems throughout the city. They reflect her role as a mother and housewife that secretly works as a secret agent. They are a pair of cellphones.
  • The Paranoia Diary: The diary used by Mi Abe (Andrew McOrange), also known as The Third. It told him things that could happen, but could also not happen, making it up to him to figure out which entries told the truth, facts, and which entries were only there due to his paranoia, saying things that might get him killed, exaggerated. It reflects his paranoia. It is a cellphone.
  • The Quest Diary: The diary used by Alex Miura (Kevin), also known as The Fourth. Originally unable to even inform the user of a DEAD END, the Quest Diary gave it's user different sets of tasks to accomplish throughout the killing game, every succesful task would reward the user with a new entry style. The tasks incremented in difficulty as more were accomplished. Was the user to accomplish all tasks before the final battle he would significantly overpower all remaining users. It reflects the user's lifestyle as a gamer. It is a handheld videogame consule.
  • The Torment Diary: The diary used by Haru Yamazaki (Sora), also known as The Fifth. It gave him entries of ocassions he could torment others. Giving him information of past incidents of those who surrounding him so he could be able to mock them and telling him those he could outmatch in a physical confrontation. It reflects on his constant bullying of those that surround him. It is a cellphone.
  • The Nocturnal Diary: The diary used by Nolan Hemphile (Jaylen), also known as The Sixth. Only giving him entries from 7 p.m. until sunrise the diary would give the user detailed entries about activities of the area. The entries would be extremely frequent being up to ten minutes from each other, however the diary left the user completely exposed at daytime not mentioning anything that happens during that time. It reflects his job as a nigh security guard. It is a cellphone.
  • The Hoax Diary: The diary of Holland Crump (Ahsan), also known as The Seventh. The diary would give him entries of ocassions he could outsmart those around him and decieve people with lies or other mediums. It reflects his job as a politian running for mayor and a ruthless bussinessman. It is a tablet.
  • The Decision Diary: The diary of Choko Nogucci (Alf), also known as The Eigth. Giving him the positives and negatives of his every move the diary would give Choko a general idea of what actions he should do and which he shouldn't. The diary would go into STATIC and keep up to track with Choko's actions was he break a change in the set timeline of events. It reflects The Eigth's job as a marketing director with a very tight schedule. It is a cellphone.
  • The Report Diary: The diary of Megumi Sakai (Hannah), also known as The Nineth. The diary supplies the user with events that affect the city throughout the day, updating itself very efficiently as the day goes on, however not telling the user anything about themselves unless "newsworthy" requirements were met. It furthermore allowed to manipulate two of the news entries the users were presented at the start of the day. It reflects her job as a news anchor. It is a cellphone.
  • The Survival Diary: The diary of Ryota Arai (Ezekiel), also known as The Tenth. It kept track of Ryota's adventurous events and any ocassion Ryota was exposed to danger. It also gave precise information about the wilderness in the forest surrounding the city and Mount Muji. It reflects the user's hobby as a survivalist and his strong connection to nature. It is a cellphone.
  • The Display Diary: The diary of Diana Boku (Eva), also known as The Eleventh. The diary tells her everything about herself and the key moments of the day she stands out throughout the day. The diary however does not mention activities in which there are no witnesses or she does not stand out. It reflects her nature as a showoff and a very vain teenager. It is a cellphone.
  • The Stalker Diary: The diary of Lucas Kudo (Gavin), also known as The Twelfth. The diary keeps track of the activities of an individual of the user's choice. It will feedback the actions of the target at the start of the day but if STATIC occurs the feedback will update as the day goes on. Several requirements were to be met to succesfully stalk somebody: The target can't be the user in posession of the diary. The user can't track a diary user who's identity has been revealed. The user must type the target's full name and know how that person looks. It reflects the user's nature as a stalker who runs an illegal webcam web. It is a laptop.


  • This is the first season to feature two different players playing as siblings, the 1st being a younger sister to the 4th. Ironically they barely interacted with each other throughout the season and the few times they did they were deeply considering murdering their sibling, unaware that their sibling was a player.