This is all confessionals made during the third Leg.


Doesn't look like I will be here today. If only it was one hour earlier. Turns out we are actually moving everything from our downtown residence over to the suburbs... and that's going to take all day/most of the day.


Gavin is away, and I'm doing this all alone. A bit scary, but hopefully everything goes well...

This. Was. Amazing. I did the leg alone, and even though Gavin's amazing, it felt so awesome to come 2nd! I also helped Bjorn, Lucky and the Tungs, in that order, to get 3rd-5th. Whoever got the Fast Forward got 1st, but getting 2nd was great. I feel like we might actually win! The game's unpredictable though, anything can happen, and we need to work hard if we want to go far.


I loved playing this, our alliance with nathaniel and gavin helped me a lot with this one.


Our team so sweet we complete legs solo. Mobile might!


At this point Seth & I are just going downhill, but we need to change that or else we could be in serious danger.


So today's leg was tricky. First of all, thank god that I was able to go on mobile at work because if not, we might have been screwed. Sadly, something came up with Amber's family and she couldn't be on so it was ALL me! Thank god for Nathaniel because he helped me out so much during this leg. If it weren't for him, I would have never finished the detour, so I owe him one. Amber and I formed an alliance with Xavier and Jaylen called the Problematics, which I'm cool with at the moment, because I know Amber and I can beat them if we have to. After thinking I came in last place during the leg, I CAME 4TH all by myself. Fingers crossed everything is ok with Amber and her family and we can keep racing around the world!