Moonsik & Henzzy
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Contestant Profile
Team Team Slut
Teammates Szymon

Season 1

Average age 16
Placement 2/12
Average placing 3,5
Roadblocks Szymon, 6
Henry, 7

Moonsik & Henzzy also known as Szymon & Henry are a team competing in The Amazing Race 1.



  • Age: 17
  • Current Residence: Poland
  • Connection to your teammate: Slutty Friends
  • Current occupation: Slut
  • Describe what you do: Slutting
  • Three words to describe you: Slut, bitch, whore
  • Favorite hobbies: Slutting around
  • What is the accomplishment you are most proud of? Slut
  • What famous person reminds you of yourself? Lisi Linares
  • What famous person reminds you of your teammate? Rebel Wilson


  • Age: 15
  • Current Residence: Australia
  • Connection to your teammate: Slutty friends.
  • Current occupation: Slut
  • Describe what you do: Well, i'll say it with a Nicki Minaj Lyric : You get high, fuck a bunch of girls, and then cry, on top of the world.
  • Three words to describe you: slut, whore, hoe
  • Favorite hobbies: being a slut, tryna twerk, bitchin' and being fun.
  • What is the accomplishment you are most proud of? Not dying yet. 
  • What famous person reminds you of yourself? Nicki Minaj
  • What famous person reminds you of your teammate? Susan Boyle. 
  • What scares you most about traveling? Plane crashin', crappy plane food and ugly flight attendants.
  • What excites you most about traveling? The bathrooms on the planes are good for  hide and seek. 
  • Biggest challenge you and your teammate will face on The Race together: Probs 
  • Pet peeve about your teammate: He thinks I'm a good person.... :o
  • What country and place would you most like to visit and why? Anywhere survivor has been. 
  • What do you hope to accomplish by running The Race (other than winning one million bucks)? Show of my body and hopefully start a modelling career after the show. 

Season 1Edit

  • Leg 1: 1st
    • Icon-Roadblock Szymon
    • Icon-Detour Get Linguistic
    • Icon-PitStop Arrived 1st.
  • Leg 2: 8th
    • Icon-Roadblock Henry
    • Icon-Detour Find The ManFind The BoatFind The Man
    • Icon-PitStop Arrived 8th.
  • Leg 3: 4th
    • Icon-Detour Tomb Writing
    • 15px-Icon-Uturn -
    • Icon-Roadblock Szymon
    • Icon-PitStop Arrived 4th.
  • Leg 4: 6th
    • Icon-Roadblock Szymon
    • Icon-Detour Eat Away
    • Icon-NonEliminationLeg Arrived 6th.
  • Leg 5: 2nd
    • Icon-Roadblock Henry
    • Icon-Detour Chronological
    • Icon-PitStop Arrived 2nd.
  • Leg 6: 5th
    • Icon-Roadblock Szymon
    • Icon-Detour Man To Year
    • Icon-PitStop Arrived 5th.
  • Leg 7: 5th
    • Icon-Roadblock Henry
    • Icon-Detour Beautiful Fountain
    • Icon-NonEliminationLeg Arrived 5th.
  • Leg 8: 1st
    • Icon-Roadblock Henry
    • Icon-Detour Hotel Facility
      TAR-Express Pass Card Used Express Pass
    • 15px-Icon-Uturn -
    • Icon-PitStop Arrived 1st.
  • Leg 9: 3rd
    • Icon-FastForward -
    • Icon-Roadblock Szymon
    • Icon-Detour Snakes
    • Icon-PitStop Arrived 3rd.
  • Leg 10: 2nd
    • Icon-Roadblock Henry
    • Icon-Detour Write It Down
    • Icon-PitStop Arrived 2nd.
  • Leg 11: 3rd
    • Icon-Detour Fields
    • Icon-Roadblock Henry
    • Icon-PitStop Arrived 3rd.
  • Leg 12: 2nd
    • Icon-Roadblock Szymon
    • Icon-Roadblock Henry
    • Finalemat Arrived 2nd.



Season 1Edit

The Amazing RaceEdit

  • First team to win a Leg.
  • First male-male team to win a Leg.
  • First team to get and use an Express Pass.
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