This is all confessionals made during the fourth Leg.


Not @ us being non flops!!!! Thank god we don't have teams like Wesley and Charlie bring us down whew. well yet at least


This is my redemption arc starting point. After a disastrous past two legs, I'm gonna do as best as I can to not flop. I'm nervous as hell, but I think we can do this. A win leg might be possible today if everything goes right.

We didn't flop around this time! I got the answer right and we kinda blazed through the leg. The fact that we weren't panicking and we did well still makes this a win for us. Now, we just got to somehow beat Nuno and Nathaniel.


FIRST FLIGHT AGDFHDKGJF Yaaaassss Allison saved us all < 3 *dances*. :^^

omg I was so worried throughout that entire leg. Idk why, the roadblock got me messed up. It was fairly easy though, I guess. Allison is an awesome partner and hopefully we continue to slay. Love our position in the game, too. Slay us. ^__^


Coming into this leg, we know we have a giant target on our back and probably will be uturned. The only allies we have might, again MIGHT be Nuno-Emma or Nate-Gavin. And our target is the Pray-and-slay or whatever they call them. I want them out, they are dead to me.

I didn't expect to race alone at all, fortunately i made it to the pitstop, pheww. Also this is a elimination leg so that means tomorrow maybe a non-eli but we're still looking forward to the uturn and kick some asses.


Things are looking good for us. Not being too bad, but not getting first and showing ourselves as threats either. This game is ours to win, and we're gonna be solid in the top until the final leg, where we take over this game and win.