This is all confessionals made during the eighth Leg.


It is nice to win, but winning and getting second in the end is not what we want. All we need is a spot in the finale, and then win it there


We're awesome! I owe Gavin everything for this leg - he was completely stunning. I think we're good moving on, and we have alliances with more or less everyone left.


tbh, i am a little suprised that Tung used his U turn on us after is listened and understood his problems when he was cheating.... nice way to pay back


Everyone else is still stronger than us. It's so bad we might lose the next leg. We got to run perfectly these next legs.

We are the David's to their Goliath. They're tough as hell, but we're fighting until the bitter end. We will probably get eliminated next but we will keep trying to survive.


We aren't bad at challenges. We need to work on navigation


Damn, im having no idea to tell about this leg, i mean, we have EP, we used it but we still only got 3rd place. What the fu**? And yeah, we uturned Will and Martynas but they got 5th...Damn.....Tyler and Mike, I totally forgot them, holy crap,I totally forgot about Tyler and Mike, they're so insipid, like they're invisible, like they didn't even exist Damn, it's like, i used my gun, targeted and shot Will - Martynas but Tyler - Mike was like unintentional in the way of my bullet.