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Contestant Profile
Hometown Portsmouth, Virginia
Occupation Student

After the Dark

Age 29
Profession Cook
Trait Bad immune system.
Group Outside Group
Weeks 5
Current Status Deceased
Kills 0
Death Radiation sickness.


Age 38
Profession Dentist
Trait Has a ph.d in Ancient Theology.
Group Helicopter Group
Weeks 9
Current Status Deceased
Kills 0
Death Eaten by zombies.

A Late Night

Age 71
Profession Marine Biologist
Trait Is Nearing Retirement
Group Outside Group
Weeks 5
Current Status Deceased
Death Taken by shadows

The Dragon

Age 93
Profession Merchant
Trait Is incredibly rich.
Group Overland group
Weeks 12
Current Status Survived

This War of Mine

Age 36
Profession Police Officer
Trait Hypochondriac.
Group House Group
Weeks 6
Current Status Deceased
Kills 0
Death Starved to death


Nicholaschappell, also known as Nicholas, is a survivor from the After the Dark series.


Name (Age): Nicholas Chappell
Current Residence: USA
Personal Claim Of Fame: Well.. I can hit a home run! ^~^
Hobbies:  Playing Baseball
Pet Peeves:  "Liberry" is all I need to say.
3 Words To Describe You: Creative, Athletic, And Chill
If you were in a fire, what would be the one thing you would rescue?: As many family members as possible
Why do you think you will survive?: I try my hardest, and really believe that I can win.


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  • Nicholas - Generation Four (Beginning)
  • Nicholas - Generation Four (Halfway)

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