This is all confessionals made during the ninth Leg.


I hope this is as interesting as we all know or experience xDD

Building Bridges to Join Us. Nostalgia lol xDD

This is our first rising steps to prove that we can! #UTC7forFinals


This is a nail biter, we were screwed by Emma and Nuno when they on propose delayed their answers after offering help. Now they aren't even begging us for help, I wish they would because even fi they asked for the detour we did, Id be like "Oh sorry we did the other one" Guess what? Karma is a BITCH! Goodbye, see you, possible never! Also yay us we are All-Stars Cockroaches!

So they wished us luck while leaving... Fuck me... *starts to vigorously erase what I previously said*


Nick couldn't make it, so we had to take a penalty. I hope we are gone, this game is killing me. Szymon apparently u-turned Nuno & Emma because he thought that would help us, but it won't

I knew we would make it when we had like 10 minutes left. I am really shocked, but I bet Nicholas never lost hope.


We are the luckies team in TAR history, we are basically cats with 9 lives!!