This is all confessionals made during the tenth Leg.


Its depressing as hell to see Crtha go, she was a great racer and was paired with a douche. If Crtha had been paired with anyone else, she probably would have won. I will really miss her, but now the competition is getting serious. Wes and I got 1st, but Szymon was right on our trail again. He is always too close for comfort, and Wes and I need to shake him off...but yeh. Joan and Sam lived another leg cause of us, but Joan has done his 6 roadblocks, and I doubt Sam will get do one so they will probs come 4th. And then Perry and Jo...never sure what to think of them. Really thought they would be like out 3rd, not in the final 4. They have surprised me, and they could continue to.


YES! We fnally got rid of Chandni and Kaeghan after waiting legs for it. We finished 3rd so we are staying in the middle of the pack. Maybe if we're lucky we can get rid of Wes and Charlie next. But I doubt it ;-;.

Also Jo needs to fucking show up or I will cut her ass.


Okay, im so excited for this leg. We got amazing second place, which means that its our thrid leg in a row in top 3 and we made it in the final 4!!! This is our time to shine, and i know that we can do everything to win and i will do everything. Henry is my hero, and he's best partner ever!!! I love it all so much