you're getting in those vents. Dakota.

–Purry, After the Dark

Contestant Profile
Birth Date 7/9
Hometown Scotland
Occupation Student

After the Dark

Age 45
Profession Politician
Trait Knows the code to the bunker.
Also helped design the bunker.
Group Bunker Group
Weeks 16
Current Status Deceased
Kills 0
Death Smoke Poisoning

After the Dark: ZA

Age 40
Profession Engineer
Trait Has trouble with her knees.
Group Ely Group
Weeks 16
Current Status Deceased
Kills 1
Death Eaten by Zombies

After the Dark: Under the Dome

Age 50
Profession Unemployed
Trait Can Barely speak English
Group Dome Group
Weeks 17
Current Status Survived
Kills 0
Death N/A

After the Dark: Lost

Age 44
Profession Vetenarian
Trait Hypocondriac
Group Middle Section
Weeks 12
Current Status Deceased
Kills 0
Death Died of Illness

After the Dark: Falling Skies

Age 25
Profession Dance Instructor
Trait Is extremely fit.
Weeks 15
Current Status Survived

After the Dark: The Last of Us

Age 62
Profession Nurse
Trait Is a lesbian.
Group Survivor Group
Weeks 4
Current Status Deceased
Death Bitten in the arm by Infected
Shot by Perry.

After the Dark: Another

Age 15
Profession Student
Trait Just Transferred to Class 3-C, broke the Seal.
Weeks 5
Current Status Deceased
Kills 0
Death Mutilated.

After the Dark: Spider Invasion

Age 82
Profession Cabinetmaker
Trait Has a bad left leg.
Group Car Group
Weeks 4
Current Status Deceased
Death Shot by hunter.

After the Dark: All-Stars

Age 26
Profession Dance Instructor
Trait Is extremely fit.
Group Space Group
Weeks 6
Current Status Deceased
Kills 0
Death Bitten by zombie
Brain stabbed by Jo.

AmazingPurry, also known as Purry, is a survivor from the After the Dark series.
In the second Award Ceremony, Purry was voted into the Hall of Fame.


Name (Age): Purry (14) (16)
Current Residence: Scotland, United Kingdom
Personal Claim Of Fame:
Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Using the computer.
3 Words To Describe You: 
If you were in a fire, what would be the one thing you would rescue?: My family probably >_>
Why do you think you will survive?: I don't xD


After the DarkEdit


This being the very first season of the series, Purry was determained to survive, while forcing Dakota into the vents to fix the power and trying to keep everyone alive. She soon succumed to Smoke Poisoning week 16. 


Purry returned for the second season of After the Dark, in this season, she took a different turn in her gameplay. Shooting Nicholas and murdering Tyler (Brutally) when he wouldn't help the group. She soon collapsed and was left by her group to be eaten by zombies at week 16.

Under the DomeEdit

Being unable to speak English in this season, Purry played a quiet game, not trying to do much while still trying to keep herself and others around her alive. She developed a relationship with Fitz, which led them to have sex week 4, Purry fell ill, but did not fall pregnant. During the game, Purry also became attracted to the NPC, Tiffany.

Purry was the one who talked to the leatherhead, causing him to release them from the dome and thus she survived her first season.


During the pre-game part of Lost, Joan and Purry became a "couple" but where soon seperated when the plane crashed. She then became an investigator when David was shot by an unknown player/NPC. Unfortuantly, she could not find who killed him, and it turned out to be Sam and Luke, who thought David was going to kill everyone.

Purry went on several, sometimes life risking, missions. She went to collect medication from Joan, who was known as the "Antagonist" at the time. She soon developed an illness and died week 12

Falling SkiesEdit

Purry became the protective side of Kaaitlyn during this season, fighting with Tommy when he had sexual intercourse with a 14 year old. She also went on very few missions and soon ended up surviving her second season.

Space JourneyEdit

Space Journey wasn't Purry's brightest seasons as she did many stupid things while thinking stupid things, she died of an illness.

The Last of UsEdit

This season was short lived for Purry, due to the karma, running away from her group meant she was soon bitten by a zombie and became one of the horrible creatures, soon put down by Perry.


Another was...another short lived season by Purry, although she did get the back half of her body burnt while escaping a fire with Fitz, she was soon kidnapped and mutilated by an NPC, Month Five

Spider InvasionEdit

Purry this season was an active, helping everyone while they where in danger, she was soon voted to be given to a gang of men. Who then took her, tied her to a pole and shot her when her group got too close for comfort. 

All StarsEdit

During All Stars, Purry was kidnapped by aliens alongside most, if not all, of her group. She was soon bitten by a zombie and put down by Jo.

Haunted HillEdit

Purry was active during Haunted Hill, she was chased by a floating knife to which it stabbed her. She soon died, stupidly, by arguing with Erica, Unknowingly there was a ghost nearby. It grabbed them both and threw them against a wall, breaking both their necks.

A Late NightEdit

Purry was not given a chance to play in this season as Andreas threw her into the shadows, week one, killing her.

Hostage SituationEdit

During hostage situation, Purry was semi active, during the scene in the dark room, Purry was shot. She had also retrieved a gun from the room, but she did not use it, showing her loyalty. She soon died with a shot to the head at hour 2:00

The DragonEdit


Purry was quite possibly one of the most active of her group, she had saved everyone when she fought the black knight, saved Erica before she got her head chopped off and made most decisions with the NPCs. She reached the dragon but was eaten by him week 11.

This War of MineEdit


 Purry was active during this season, helping out and going on most supply runs. When her group was down to three members and they left behind Joan and his group to die in a fire, causing Noah's death, Purry was sent to the Brothel, Unknowingly, Purry didn't think of anything of it until she searched what a Brothel actually was. She was left outside and soon froze to death. She was later found in the Epilogue of the season by Nuno.


Purry returned to play after a two season break, however, she wasn't very active this season due to timezone difficulties. As a result, she was decapitated by Jaylen during a brutal Lesson 3.


Purry hosted alongside Joan.

Jurassic ParkEdit

Purry survived this season, making it her first season in eleven to survive. Purry was a fairly active contributor and good fighter due to her occupation and trait. She is known for being injected with dinosaur serum and adopting a dinosaur named Bob in the epilogue.


Despite her activity and will to survive after being put in the arguably bad Sotra group. Purry was shot on day 11 while trying to steal a car. She is mostly known for her everlasting lust for the season's main antagonist. 

20 DaysEdit

Purry died early on day two after entering a building and setting off the trap, after failing to escape the building fast enough she was crushed and killed by the closing in walls.


Game of ThronesEdit


Despite being twelve years old, Purry managed to survive Ib.


Metro 2035Edit

First ContactEdit

Size Does MatterEdit

Burden - BarbadosEdit

One Posthumous MonthEdit

Purry survived One Posthumous Month and is mostly known for being the first person to ever kill a licker.

Don't StarveEdit

Don't Starve was the first season of After the Dark that Purry hosted solo. The season had the most amount of players in a season with a total of fourty.


Shrouded In DarknessEdit