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Contestant Profile
Birth Date 11/19/2000
Hometown Tuson, Arizona
Occupation Student

Under the Dome

Age 36
Profession Priest
Trait Afraid of weapons
Group Government Group
Weeks 10
Current Status Deceased
Kills None
Death Shot by a group of bandits.


Age 33
Profession Furniture Design
Trait Hunts in spare time.
Group Tail Section
Weeks 6
Current Status Deceased
Kills N/A
Death Cornered and shot by hostiles.

Falling Skies

Age 55
Profession Restaurant Owner
Trait Used to be an electrican
Group N/A
Weeks 9
Current Status Deceased
Kills Sammy
Death Shot by JA in sleep.

Space Journey

Age 57
Profession Artist
Trait Used to play in the NBA.
Group Station Group
Weeks 9
Current Status Deceased
Kills N/A
Death Died of illness

Spider Invasion

Age 25
Profession Trench Digger
Trait Extremely Athletic
Group Palo Alto Group
Weeks 2
Current Status Deceased
Kills N/A
Death Shot by Brian


Age 35
Trait Single Father
Group N/A
Weeks TBA
Current Status TBA
Kills Dark
Death TBA

War Zone

Age 65
Profession Retired
Trait Knows how to handle all guns.
Group TBA
Weeks TBA
Current Status TBA
Kills TBA
Death TBA
*Crashes car into building*

–Reid, Season 9

Spuertvliovvoerr, also known as Reid, is a contestant from the After the Dark series.


Name (Age): Reid
Current Residence: My house
Personal Claim Of Fame: Stuff :P
Hobbies: Survivor, TAR, BB, Basketball, TV, doing nothing.
Pet Peeves: Too many to list
3 Words To Describe You: Smart, Obnoxious, Lazy
If you were in a fire, what would be the one thing you would rescue?: My pets.
Why do you think you will survive?: I WONT


Under the DomeEdit


Falling SkiesEdit

Space JourneyEdit

Spider InvasionEdit


War ZoneEdit

Trivia Edit

  • Reid has never survived, and never comes near it either. With Week 10 being the farthest he's ever made.