Secret Series: 13 Reasons Why
People 11
Situation Highschool
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Secret Series: 13 Reasons Why is the eighth season of the Secrets Series.




Person Age Secret(s) Clubs Perception Status
  • Was pregnant with Landon's baby, miscarried.
Band Neutral Survived
  • Stalked Jenna
None Liked Survived
  • Dating Molly
  • Accidentally got Jenna's diary leaked
Choir Liked Survived
  • Told Jenna's parents about her self-harm
Tech Well Liked Survived
Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 12.41.48 AM
  • Edits the school paper
None Neutral Survived
  • Drunkenly tried to have sex with Jenna without her consent
Chess Mixed Opinions Survived
Mangatar PaigeRamirez
Peppermint Princess
  • Hid drugs in Jenna's locker, and got her suspended
None Well Liked Survived
Sean the Artic Fox
  • Works at the grocery store
  • Stole money, and blamed it on Jenna
Debate Mixed Opinions Survived
XxXMidget In a BikiniXxX
  • Was supposed to hang with Jenna the night she killed herself
Photography Neutral Survived
  • Leaked Jenna's nudes
None Liked Survived
Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 1.22.35 PM
  • Just transfered
None Neutral Survived


Person Age Secret/Trait Status
Landon 18 Captain of the Hockey Team
Convinced the school that Jenna went insane
Colette 17 Leader of the Debate Team
Leaked Jenna's personal diary
Devon 18 DJ's the school dances,
Member of the Band club
Raven ? Member of the Photography club
Distributed the tapes
Diana 20 Jenna's sister, Dating Landon
Told Landon about Jenna being in the hospital
Molly 18 Member of the Debate team,
Also a member of the Choir
Dating Eunji
Nigel 17 Dating Tiffany Survived
Zak 18 Running for Class President Survived
Ana 17 In charge of the schools Suicide Awareness program Survived
Finn 18 Jenna's old Best Friend
Jenna thought he was too good for her
Loreana 17 Just transferred to Stratford
Was in the hospital with Jenna
Roma 17 Runs the Chess club Survived
Rian 17 Runs the Band Survived
Tiffany ? Dating Nigel Survived
Alexandra 18 Runs the Photography club Survived
Beck 18 Runs the Tech club Survived
Jenna 17 Left 13 tapes about her suicide Deceased
Suicide by Overdose


Person Age Secret/Trait Status
Nuka 3 Is a support dog Survived
Ms. DaSilva 28 Is the Principal Survived
Norman 34 Is the school counselor
Told Jenna's parents about her being suicidal, sending her to the hospital
Nikola 40 Is an English teacher
Outted Jenna for self harm in front of the class


Person Age Secret/Trait Status
Peach 5 months Is Zoe's cat Survived
Penelope/Marie 47 Is Finn's mom,
Murdered her husband and
kidnapped Finn 18 years ago
Zoe's Mom 40 Attempted to murder Norman,
Helped run a drug ring



Timeline: Edit

Monday, November 6th-

  • Ms. DaSilva announced that today will be Clubs Day! Everyone can sign up for clubs at lunch.
  • As everyone arrives at school, Nathaniel and Polo head to their lockers and grab their books. Zoe soaks up some sun, as Devon joins her.
  • Eunji finishes up her homework, as her girlfriend Molly joins her. They talk about the events over the past week, Eunji expressing how the past week has started getting to her. Molly comforts her.
  • Cordy scares Loreana by staring at her.
  • Nigel introduces himself to Amanda, as an intoxicated Paige walks over and offers them booze.
  • Paige goes over and steals Devon’s attention. Devon gives her a CD.
  • Cordy finds Zak, as they begin going over plans for this years campaign.
  • Polo goes to English class, and accidently falls asleep! Nikola wakes him up, and they briefly chit chat.
  • Gardner goes and finds Landon! Landon pulls him into a frat-boy hug and tells Gardner how he’s been training for hockey season.
  • Nathaniel goes to class as well! He sees Ana, who can’t seem to remember his name.
  • Paige goes back to Nigel, who’s now with Zoe! Nigel warms up to Zoe, as the 3 of them each take a shot at 8am. Nigel then turns, and throws up onto the ground. Was he already intoxicated…?
  • Amanda trips and falls in the hallway, as Norman runs over and helps her up.
  • After Nathaniel corrects Ana for calling him the wrong name, they have a quick chat about Ana’s job as the leader of Stratford’s suicide awareness program.
  • The bells rings for class! Everyone but Paige and Veronica go to class.
  • Lunch time begins! Everyone heads to the cafeteria for clubs day!
  • Gardner sits with Landon and the hockey team.
  • Nathaniel goes over to the Chess Club! Roma greets him, and hands him a form. They chat for a bit.
  • Amanda goes over to the Band Club! Rian greets her, and hands her a form.
  • Polo goes over to the Debate Team! Colette greets him, and hands him a form.
  • Paige begins talking to a teacher, before realizing she's just talking to a wall near the debate team booth. Colette sees this and laughs.
  • Tiffany joins Nigel and Zoe at a table. Her eyes are bloodshot.
  • Paige and Veronica both go to the Photography Club! Alexandra side eyes Paige, as she hands Veronica a form!
  • Molly and Eunji go to the Choir Club! Alice greets them, and hands them a form.
  • Paige, Tiffany, and Nigel all leave the cafeteria. Nigel and Tiffany move rather slow.
  • The bell rings for class! Gardner at the last minute decides to sign up for the Tech Club. Beck gives him a form, telling him to fill it out quick.
  • Everyone but Paige, Tiffany, Nigel, Devon, and another girl named Raven, go to class!
  • As the day comes to a close, everyone having a good day, everyone begins packing up their things to go home, as the P.A rings, one last time, for the afternoon announcements...

"Hi, it’s Jenna. If you’re listening to this, well, then it’s already too late for me. I’m dead. There’s nothing else to say about that."

  • Everyone sits there in complete silence, not knowing what to do, or what is happening, as the final bell for the day rings, and school is dismissed.