Secret Series: School Reunion - Tale of Lies
People 12
Situation School Reunion
Series Chronology
Previous Season Purgatory
Next Season Trust
 Secret Series: School Reunion - Tale of Lies is the sixth season of the Secrets Series.




Person Age Profession Secret Item Perception Status
35 English Teacher None Neutral Survived
36 Nurse Medical Kit Mixed Opinions Murdered
By Nunetta
Hour 13
36 Criminal / Receptionist Pocket Knife Mixed Opinions Murdered
By Nunetta
Hour 13
36 Chef Knife Liked Murdered
By LeShandria
Hour 12
Noah Mason Mangatar5
37 Unemployed none Neutral Murdered
By LeShandria
Hour 9
11146142 781473161942310 1967133544 n
37 Dancer Camera Neutral Murdered
By LeShandria
Hour 9
33 Murder Mystery Author Pen and Paper
A Flashlight
Neutral Murdered
By LeShandria
Hour 7
Najim rahman
Najim Rahman11
35 Gardener none Neutral Murdered
By LeShandria
Hour 7
36 Police Officer Pistol with Six bullets Disliked Murdered
By Joan
Hour 7
Gav (3)
35 Driving Instructor none Disliked Murdered
By Jamie
Hour 7
Laugh in the Haze!
34 Model Laptop Neutral Murdered
By Sierra
Hour 7
36 Waiter none Neutral Murdered
By Sierra
Hour 6


Person Age Profession Status
35 Door to Door Sales Suicide
Hour 12
Nathansss6Nathan "Ned" 35 Youtuber Murdered
By LeShandria
Hour 10
Sierrasss6Sierra 37 Buisness Woman Murdered
By LeShandria
Hour 10
Head Mistress 58 Head Misstress Murdered
By Sierra
Hour 9
Head Master 55 Head Master Murdered
By Sierra
Hour 9
36 Engineer Murdered
By LeShandria
Hour 8
Alan "Rock"
36 Unemployed Murdered
By LeShandria
Hour 6
36 Medical Student Murdered
By LeShandria
Hour 6
36 Lawyer Murdered
By Jamie
Hour 6
37 Unemployed Murdered
By Sierra
Hour 5
36 Cashier Murdered
By Sierra
Hour 4
34 Stay at Home Mother Murdered
By Sierra
Hour 2
Jennyss6Jenny 33 Shop Owner Murdered
By Sierra
Hour 1


Hour 1 (5pm)Edit

  • Everyone attends the Reunion, all talking to contacts they lost after graduation.
  • Wesley pours ice over Joan and Anderson
  • The headmaster and headmistress begin to give a speech, afterwards, a loud scream is heard from the hallways, which catches everyone off gaurd.
  • Noah and Sierra discover the dead body of Jenny in the hallways.
  • The headmistress says that they should all evacuate, however, upon reaching the door they relize that it has been locked.
  • Joan hits Wesley, pulling out a knife.
  • Noah inspects the body, which has a stab wound through the back of her neck.
  • Wesley tries to call for help on mobile, but there is no signal at the school.
  • Jamie sticks up warning posters.
  • Noah and Anderson argue about Joan being the killer.
  • Jamie knocks Joan unconcious with her gun, Anderson attacks her and throws her to the ground, he picks up Joan and then they run off.
  • Jamie finds a faded hand mark on the mouth of the body. She takes a picture of it for further investigation.

Hour 2 (6pm)Edit

  • Wesley tries to make everything pretty to pass the time.
  • LeShandria and Gavin go down the west hallway to look for clues. They find a glass office, Gavin tries to open the door but finds out its locked.
  • Noah questions Catherine about the silverware on the food table, but Catherine says people had been taking them all evening.
  • Noah enters the Math's classroom, he meets Holly inside.
  • Wesley kicks in the glass office, it smashes and they climb inside, he grabs keys inside. Gavin throws paper everywhere, he ends up gettign a papercut. Gavin grabs some glass shards.
  • Wesley looks in the PE department for baseball bats, he finds plently, LeShandria, Wesley and Gavin take one.
  • Noah searched the Math's classroom for weapons or equiptment, he finds pens and paper, he says goodbye to Holly and exits the room. He goes to the Art room, Najim following him.
  • As everyone is looking for clues, the lights to the cafeteria flash off. A scream is heard from the classroom hallway, someone can be heard clearly running away.
  • The lights flash on. Holly's body can be seen lying dead at the Math's room door. Noah tries to save her by wrapping his shirt around her wound but she soon passes away due to blood loss.
  • Someone could be heard shouting from the Music Room. Najim tries to get in, but the door is blocked from the inside. They recognize the scream to be LeShandria.
  • Zizi tries to open the door with the keys but the keys don't fit into this door.
  • The door then opens, LeShandria says that the killer ran upto the back room, However, the backroom is locked.
  • Gavin suggests taking out all of Holly's functioning organs, which makes Catherine scream at him in disgust.

Hour 3 (7pm)Edit

  • As Carlos talks to Jamie, LeShandria hits him with cybals.
  • Jamie and LeShandria run to the science room, where they pick up a bunson burner. They then trap Anderson and Joan inside a closet.

Hour 4 (8pm)Edit

  • LeShandria bangs her cymbols next to Ned and Nunetta.
  • Zizi looks for Rock and Elis, she finds Rock sitting with Catherine and Lana. Elis is sitting at the main door.
  • Jamie and LeShandria set fire to Joan and Anderson inside the closet.
  • Suddenly the whole school fills with a slight smell of smoke. Upon further investigation, it is discovered that the janitor closet was set on fire. Zizi and Rock put out the fire, only to find a burnt closet, inside the half dead Joan and Anderson. 
  • Nunetta burns Ned's clothes.
  • Zizi finds the bunson burner on the ground in the closet.
  • A loud scream is heard, down the dorm hallway is Elis lying dead against the dorm doors. Scratches on the door.
  • LeShandria runs to the office to see if there are any keys, she finds the office smashed and no keys.
  • Wesley takes the keys he found in the office and unlocks the dorm doors. Everyone goes inside


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