Secret Series: Trust
People 7
Situation Countryhouse
Series Chronology
Previous Season School Reunion
Next Season Immortal Blood
 Secret Series: Trust is the fifth season of the Secrets Series.



The GuestsEdit

Person Age Profession Secret(s) Status
19 Socialite TBA Survived
20 Painter TBA Deceased
21 Socialite TBA Deceased


20 College Student TBA Deceased
21 Socialite TBA Deceased
23 Waitress TBA Deceased
20 Unemployed TBA Deceased


Person Age Profession Note Status
James 21 Unemployed Giselle's boyfriend Deceased
Giselle 20 Socialite James' girlfriend. Mrs. and Mr. Russo's daughter/ Deceased
Mrs. Russo 49 Housewife Giselle's mother. Mr. Russo's wife. Deceased
Mr. Russo 53 Bussineman Giselle's father. Mrs. Russo's husband. Deceased



Timeline Edit

Day 1

  • After all the guests arrive the nine young adults are sitting around the sitting room.
  • Allison and Nathaniel break the silence. Nathaniel seems to piss off James.
  • LeShandria sits in a corner doing her nails.
  • The group sees a silhouette against the glass of the door and hear banging. LeShandria runs to the door to check out what happened.
  • The door opens slamming LeShandria in the face. It is revealed the silhouette was Mrs. Russo. She carries in a tray with some drinks.
  • She offers everybody the drinks but after several people decline and Giselle dismisses her she leaves. Mrs. Russo steps over LeShandria shortly after she faints.
  • Giselle and James not bearing anymore the awkwardness of the situation leave. They go to sunbath by the pool.
  • Nathaniel, LeShandria, Allison and Edward all go to the library.
  • The four are kicked out of the library after LeShandria walks to a board and proceeds to scratch it, angering Mr. Russo who was working nextdoor.
  • LeShandria and Edward go to explore the attic. From there they see Giselle sunbathing topless. James notices Edward looking and covers Giselle.
  • James beats up Andrew after hearing he wanted to paint Giselle and finding photos of Giselle in his room.

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