Seth9876 & Johnnnaaaayyyyy
Seth (3)John
Contestant Profile
Team Team Pie
Teammates Seth

Season 4

Average age 15,5
Placement 3/11
Average placing 4,1
Roadblocks Seth, 7
John, 5

Seth9876 & Johnnnaaaayyyyy also known as Seth & John are a team competing in The Amazing Race 4.

Profile Edit

Seth Edit

  • Age: 15
  • Current Residence: *Amber voice* Knoxville Tennessee!
  • Connection to your teammate: we grew up in the trap house together duh
  • Current occupation: bad bitch
  • Three words to describe you: badass, betterthanjohn, but ~~humble
  • Favorite hobbies: i like to be better than John (which i do really good at!)
  • What is the accomplishment you are most proud of? when i learned how to walk before John :D
  • What famous person reminds you of yourself? Nicki Minaj
  • What famous person reminds you of your teammate? snoop dogg
  • What scares you most about traveling? nothing i love travling!
  • What excites you most about traveling? the experience
  • Biggest challenge you and your teammate will face on The Race together: when John /tries/ to be better than me
  • Pet peeve about your teammate: he licks his toes
  • What country and place would you most like to visit and why? Australia bc rad accents
  • Why do you think you and your teammate will win? John & I both know I'm the best, so we won't argue as much as other teams might

John Edit

  • Age: 16

Season 4 Edit

  • Leg 1: 2nd
    • Icon-Roadblock Seth
    • Icon-Detour Street
    • Icon-PitStop Arrived 2nd.
  • Leg 2: 6th
    • 10801820 10203739881842928 1563646380409239033 n -
    • Icon-Roadblock Seth
    • Icon-Detour Meke
    • Icon-NonEliminationLeg Arrived 6th.
  • Leg 3: 6th
    • Icon-Roadblock Seth
    • Icon-Detour Near Extinciton
    • Icon-PitStop Arrived 6th.
  • Leg 4: 8th
    • Icon-FastForward -
    • Icon-Detour Pick A Poem
    • Icon-PitStop Arrived 8th.
  • Leg 5: 4th
    • Icon-Roadblock Seth
    • Icon-Detour Scramble
    • 10801820 10203739881842928 1563646380409239033 n Completed Side Road.
    • Icon-PitStop Arrived 4th.
  • Leg 6: 6th
    • Icon-FastForward -
    • Icon-Roadblock Seth
      • 10801820 10203739881842928 1563646380409239033 n Side Road advantage.
    • Icon-Detour Cypriot LanguageCypriot Epic
      TAR-Express Pass CardUsed Express Pass
    • 15px-Icon-Uturn Did not use the U-Turn.
    • Icon-PitStop Arrived 6th.
  • Leg 7: 2nd
    • Icon-Roadblock Seth
    • Icon-Detour Numbers
    • Icon-PitStop Arrived 2nd.
  • Leg 8: 5th
    • Icon-FastForward Attempted, but did not win, the Fast Forward.
    • Icon-Detour GeoGuess
    • Icon-Roadblock John
      • Icon-route Took a penalty of 45 minutes.
    • Icon-NonEliminationLeg Arrived 5th. Non-Elimination Leg.
  • Leg 10: 2nd
    • Icon-Detour Cultural Cuisine
    • Icon-Roadblock John
    • Icon-PitStop Arrived 2nd.
  • Leg 11: 3rd
    • Icon-Roadblock John
    • Icon-Detour Districts
    • TAR-pitstop-icon Arrived 3rd. Superleg
  • Leg 12: 3rd
    • Icon-Roadblock John
    • Icon-Roadblock Seth³
    • Finalemat Arrived 3rd.



  • ¹Seth & John had already passed the U-Turn as they received the U-Turn, and so Purry & Koror's U-Turn had no effect.
  • ²Purry & Koror had already used their U-Turn in the sixth Leg and should not have been able to use it during the ninth Leg. This did not affect the placement of any teams, however. They were not given any time penalties, as this was a mistake by the hosts.
  • ³For personal reasons, Seth & John were unable to complete the Final Leg and were taken straight to the Finish Line in 3rd place, and so Seth never actually completed this Roadblock.


Season 4Edit

  • Highest placing male-male team; 3rd.

The Amazing RaceEdit

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