This is all confessionals made during the sixth Leg.


I hope we get out of Africa.


I am having a blast so far, BUT TO HELL WITH AFRICA. I HAVE BEEN U TURNED TWICE IN AFRICA, WAS ON THE 2ND FLIGHT IN AFRICA, DID ANOTHER LEG BY MYSELF IN AFRICA, AND OVERALL, SHIT HAPPENS IN AFRICA, SOMEONE GET ME OUT. Overall, I think me and Emma are playing a decent game. We have allies and shit, we are (well I am) talking to Jamie a lot, and overall in a good relation with everyone. Hopefully we won't be u turned. Also, as much as I want Tyler in, Perry kinda is a hoe and only shares stuff when he is done, so I might get him out lol (despite I wanna work with him in another Survivor tbh). This leg hopefully the last one in Africa.