This is all confessionals made during the first Leg.


Drama already! Jamie vs Chris and Bryce vs John. I'm loving this - it makes them big targets. Let's just hope Gavin and I can go unnoticed for the beginning of the season, because being targetted is not something you want to be this early. We also need to work hard, but I think that we have a chance to go far into the season. Win it? Probably not. Reach the top half? Hopefully. For now I just don't want to be the first boot - we'll take everything else as it comes.


So unlike my partner (>,>), I believe we can win this thing. The glass isn't half nor empty, it is half full with water, and otherwise overflowing with potential. Waiting for Tung to see my message about possibly aligning. I know Johnny and Max would pounce at the opportunity to work with us, and Johnny is fluent in everything TAR game-wise. He shall be a great asset.

Great move for us, establishing a close bond with an established team of racers. Allying with Tung and Gunt like this should do us long-term good.

Solid, solid, solid gameplay this round. The only hiccup, if any, we had this round was when we got the answer wrong the first time at the Roadblock... but no worries, as we got it right the second time xD Chances are super small that we will be receiving that express pass Team JJ got, though we should be fine without it. We helped John's team and Danny's team this leg, and our alliance with the Tungs worked out swell. All is good for Team Desi Swedes


Oh my gosh! I am so so so excited for this season of The Amazing Race. I can't wait to travel the world with my best friend, Amber.

Here are my first impressions of the cast:
Jaylen & Xavier - Team Slayage: More like Team First Boot. I hate both of them and have no interest in working with them at all.
Ahsan & John - Team Noob: I had nothing against them until Ahsan begged me to vote for him in some poll every fucking hour...
Nathaniel & Gavin - Team Desi Swedes: I love both of them. I really would love to work with them. I'm close with Nathaniel especially so I'm really excited!
Seth & Josh - Team T: Nothing...
Tom & Lucas - Team Polish Pizza Party: I hate them both so much. Tom is such a pompous ass and Lucas is a bitter bitch. Sorry not sorry...
Tung & Gunt - Team DoubleTung: Tung seems good at these so he better watch out cause Amber and I are coming.
Chris & Bryce - Team Bible Bumpers: I fucking hate them with everything I have. Using the Bible to defy women, really? And they are defying the queens, Jessy and Jamie. Fuck them. I will U-Turn them the first chance I get.
Jamie & Jessy - Team JJ: Queens.
Bjorn & Djanny - Team Old Guys: I love them. I actually recommended them to this ORG, not to brag or anything. Don't really get the team name though...
Ojani & Max - Team Frenemies: Who the fuck are these people? Who cares? Probably irrelevant...Bitches better beware. Amber and I are going to slay this season and nobody is gonna stop us. I'm ready to race around the world and to win the game. Let's do this thing!

Today's let went AMAZING! I was a little nervous about it because Amber and I haven't really played together ever, but we worked amazing as a team. We split up the work. Thank god for her because I couldn't find the first location and she found it in minutes. I'm kind of upset because I messed up the roadblock, but that's all good. It's great that we came in 5th because we aren't seen as threats. Can't wait to keep racing.

Non-elimination... WHAT?! But its all good because Ahsan & John have a two-hour penalty. Hopefully, that's enough time to finish the leg before they even start.

Race? More like The Great Wild Goose Chase Around the World!


I'm looking forward to see how far i can get with my partner. We'll go from the first leg but first we actually need to start solidly in this.

9th Isn't where I wanna be but I'll defy the reasoning of being on a noob team. I also feel that I'm gonna et eliminated here on stuff I misread which is gonna cost me.


I feel kinda bad for letting John basically do everything, I dont feel like I contributed a ton but hopefully I'll do that next leg. On a positive note we're going on to the next leg! Hopefully we can stay in this race a long time.


Lucas is Polish. Slow and polish.


The other teams got nothing on us. We in 7th. We killed it. We the best.

Get @ us


I just got home from work to find out that my buddy danny already slayed the challange, all the teams are so bad, we are 7th which is basically 1st but slightly different

get rekt m8


At least we arent 100% flops


I'm thrilled we got second for this leg of the race! Now Seth & I can take some scenic pictures of Cuba before we head off to our next location!


So I just learned that this game is not optimized for mobile at all.