This is all confessionals made during the fourth Leg.


During leg 2, Tata asked for help in the Intercontinental Alliance chat, that’s when an idea popped up on my mind that we should have a secret alliance with them. First, they are the only Asian team besides us, it makes sense that we stick together and help each others and they won’t suspect anything when I ask them to go with with us. They are also at the same time zone as us, so them being around will be better in case we want to put time pressure to the hosts (lol sorry Jonas and Luke). And seeing their performance at that time, I didn’t think they were strong racers at all, so we can drag them along without worrying they will ever get ahead of us. I started to send Tata the correct guesses and ask her to form an alliance later when the leg’s over. And the +7 Alliance was born. After some time of chit chat, we actually found out they were not as weak as they seemed. They even won a TAR ORG with no lower leg finish than 4th. Well, I don’t know if aligning with them is a smart idea now that I heard that, because chances are we just helped a not-so-weak team from last to 2nd place with us. But I guess it’s not that bad because we can still help each other out and maintain our lead.We’re also in the Intercontinental Alliance as mention about, which include Tata & Ganda, Szymon & Jamie and Purry & Koror. This one was formed before the race even started and I have no idea why we’re on it, but hey I’m not complaining. For the possible upcoming U-Turn, the alliance decided to target Gerda & Wes because obvious reasons. But our alliance alone is pretty strong already (I think), so I’m not sure about that. What I’m thinking is slow down a little, let another team use it on Gerda & Wes, then next time we use it on one of the teams in the alliance. My pick would be Szymon & Jamie because they seem pretty strong as well, but if Tata & Ganda start becoming threatening then I have no problem using it on them.Last thing is about the Gerda & Wes situation this leg. I kinda agree with one of Gerda’s statement: “So you guys just want us to be eliminated? Is that it?” Don’t get me wrong, I like Gerda a lot, but in the race why not? You are strong, you are not in our alliance, your elimination probably will save our U-Turn use, so yea you get it. I was scheming with Tata when their poll come up to see whether vote yes or no, felt like I’m playing another Survivor ORG all over again lol.So final thing is, I won’t be able to race in this leg, so I hope Tata & Ganda prove their strength, help Tung out and keep up our lead. I also hope Gerda & Wes can’t make it and get eliminated, just so we can save our U-Turn to betray one of the teams in the alliance. That is all (In Big Brother voice).




I hope that we can maintain our position consistently, hence we can make it to the Final Three.

Although I feel sleepy, but I need to stay awake for this leg. Whatever happens, we must maintain our form. And I'm trying to do everything possible to save us from elimination.

Well, I think the Detour reminds me to when I listened to ESC Top 250 by ESC Radio, apparently. Bitaqat Khub made it twice, #249 in 2013 and sort of like #239 *I forgot* in 2014. I stayed all night every end of the year for this.

Don't know if there are more Eurovision-related questions since we're in Europe right now, but sounds like we beat from the same heart *quote IL '13* because we always like giving something Eurovision-ish when it comes to Europe. I did too on my Race.

But anyway, I recognized Ceuta and Melilla quickly because I read a lot about Spain in the past. Well, I made some mock spelling bee tables to help me study and also enhance my knowledge, and it helps. I only need to search for the airport and done.

Well, and the kasbah reminds me to a movie, I didn't watch it yet, but I've heard of it -- Rock the Kasbah


So nervous. Hopefully Seth is ready to depart?


They thought I was sleep. I wasn't sleep. Get ready bitches.


The other teams are pretty heartless. Me and Wes were in a seriously tough spot this week and almost got eliminated. We were hoping for the leg to be moved but like no one voted 'yes'. I got so pissed at them. Like Szymon and Jamie are our allies and they were supposed to help us out but in that vote Szymon was one of the people to really stab us in the back. Like when it comes to me personally, I have no allies besides Tommy. He really helped me last night. I bet the other teams weren't reckoning on me actually showing up and keeping me and Wes in the race. When the race finished I thought to myself: "Haha suckers.. if you want me and Wes to go out, you have to try harder!!" No but seriously, me and Wes work together super well and we like really do care for each other. I was battling so hard yesterday and I wouldn't do it just for anyone. At the end of the day we were the ones to have the last laugh. I know me and him have it tough cause I have had to work on weekends often and he sometimes too but I gotta believe we can make it work somehow.