This is all confessionals made during the seventh Leg.


Although we never got first on previous legs, I believe we can make it to the end.

"For the light to live for
Fire in our hearts
Through all pain, through all the
All the lies

We will walk, walk reborn
Hope never dies
Never let me go
Never let me go"
(ESC CZ '15)

At least there's something for me to play rather than falling asleep while waiting for ESC 2015 final lol


Social skills 101

Everybody: Good luck
Me: Y'all so fake

Im not gonna be surprised when we get a Yield or U-Turn

Wow Tata be pissed at me becoming the ringleader


I swear if we get 5th this season, Ill be done. We normally get 5th a few legs before our elimination, that better not happen this season


This leg was made of no. Being able to do nothing on mobile completely sucks. But so help me, if we get 5th, AGAIN. I'll probably just cry


And there we have it. I tried to make a cool alliance last minute, but oh well. It's a game, so I'm not really upset.I no longer have to deal with stress, at least. Anyways, thank you to Purry for being my first active partner. Thank you to the people who were loyal to us, and thank you to Coffee for putting so much effort into this.Now for me to state the outcome of this season:Andrew/Nicholas go next, followed by Tata/Ganda. Then Nuno/Emma, then Joan/Sam, then Duy/Tung and Szymon/Jamie very predictably win.The best thing about being out: I don't gotta put up with all these children anymore.


Bffl's are better than twinnies!!! people tend to say the things they did are easy to stroke their egos!!! fuck the rest tbh!!!! how about we never drink coffee again???? AT LEAST WE'RE NOT IN AFRICA. don't get ideas, jonas...... i hope jamie falls on the forest!!! i hope tata learns there are more stickers than the minion ones!!! OH my god, can you just shut up already? eat my shit, drink my coffee. imma give jamie a big fat load of animal shit coffee!!!


Omg this was probably the hardest leg ever? But im super glad we won! We worked in our ass again and we show that we can win legs without asking anyone for help. The only team that we are working with at this point is Joan and Sam. Then its us vs probably everyone also, but who cares? :~) We still have express pass that we lowkey forgot we had, and we are going to use it next episode in the haderst moment for us like if we get stuck or something. Anyway we raised some hell with this leg and can't wait for another one. Team Twinnies fTW


Well, it's the hardest leg with me EVER, who know i will face off with COFFE LIKE THAT WAY? ONLY YOU KAFFE