This is all confessionals made during the sixth Leg.


So I might have overreacted about the cast overreacting. The right thing to do would be prevent the bad players from winning the game, rather than ranting about it. If they win, THEN we can rant about it.So my intention now is to create a new alliance, that actually is an alliance and not just a U-turn safety blanket. I really want to work with Andrew/Nicholas. Maybe also Nuno/Emma, I can probably make them paranoid enough to go with it. This season has been too hyped to have a shitty winner, let's fix that.

So I don't know how active I'll be for these next two legs, so I figured I'd do some shit game-wise.I formed an alliance with Nuno/Emma and Andrew/Nicholas. I told both of them the exact same thing when forming the alliance (except for switching the names around). This is an alliance I just hope to stick with to the end, and get those children out of this game.My reasoning for telling them the exact same thing, I don't intend to be more loyal to one than the other. If this'll get us through the game, then great.Though we're fucked if there's a U-turn, everyone is against us just about.

"Interesting". Just saying, Szymon is the best social player ever. Wow.

In all my TAR years, both hosting and playing, I have never seen a more terrifying Roadblock. I will shiver eternally at the thought of it. I can't believe we made it, wow.

So much for my prediction about Ryan/Natalie being the season's goats.

Just noticed now that Joan said the episode title "I am the new ringleader". HAHAHA. He is so out of the loop, it's hilarious. Have fun being a goat, my friend.

Big appreciation post to Purry. I honestly can't believe we're still in. I started out in the worst possible time to be in any ORGs, being like a few weeks to tech week of the musical. Even still, I managed to stay active and push through with the help of my wonderful partner. Danielle and Rebekah could have never done this.Also, I love children. They're so gullible.


Jonas is still my spirit animal! I am so happy he let the incident slide and now I am keep racing like a flop with my best friend!


I can't believe that I made it through that leg. This game is so silly. I haven't been here for the past few legs because of stupid reasons, but I can now see how much pressure Andrew is under when I'm not here. But still, so much suspense... Maybe that's why I love this game!


This leg was a flop, however we still managed to be in the top 3. AND WE SHOULD BE PROUD OF IT! Anyway im super pissed at nuno and emma for helping luke and purry thats not what our alliance said was going to do and rip them for playing on both sides i would honestly not mind to totally u-turn them at next opportunity given.


This is pissing me off, I took notes about Mecca yet we went to Riyadh and I want to scream, me and Sam nearly got screwed by some numbers, I can't even basic maths


What a......interesting roadblock. I cri.

We did good dispite last week! This was a great leg and lol @ Luke doing the roadblock :') but yush ^.^ I believe in us