Tatasport & Oktavianto.ganda
Contestant Profile
Team Team East Java Strong
Teammates Tata

Season 4

Average age 18
Placement 7/11
Average placing 5,5
Roadblocks Tata, 3
Ganda, 2


Average age 18
Placement 5/11
Average placing 4,3
Roadblocks Tata, 5
Ganda, 5
Statistics of Tatasport & Oktavianto.ganda
Season played 2
Legs played 16
Leg wins 2
Average placement 6th
Total average 4,8

Tatasport & Oktavianto.ganda also known as Tata & Ganda are a team competing in The Amazing Race 4 and The Amazing Race: All-Stars.

Profile Edit

See Tata & Ganda's Profile Archive for older profiles.

Tata Edit

  • Age: 17
    Note: I turned 17 2 days before the second leg. xDD
  • Current Residence: Malang, Jawa Timur, Indonesia
  • Current occupation: High School Student
  • Previous season(s) and placement(s): Season 4, 7th
  • Connection to your teammate: Best Friends
  • What are you passionate about? I'm passionate when it comes to spelling and anything English, because it'll develop my further skills in this international language, and I also have a passion with reality shows that inspired me like The Amazing Race (it improves my geography knowledge somehow) and Survivor (I learnt more strategy and skills from it).
  • People would be surprised to learn: They will be surprised to learn about the fact that I'm also a fanatic of police procedural dramas and local legends.
  • Why do you want to run the Race again? I would like to run the Race again to prove ourselves that we can. What I mean here is, despite of time zone differences, we can make it to the end.
  • Why do you think you were asked to return? I think we are asked to return because we have potentials, but we're just unlucky.
  • Favorite place you visited on your previous season(s): I love anything Europe, but I enjoyed Cyprus a lot.
  • What countries would you most like to visit and why? Everything Europe, especially Croatia and Baltic countries. I'm a Europhile, I'm a big fan of everything Europe, and I also would like to learn their culture, that's the reason why I enjoyed it the most.
  • Biggest mistake you made in your previous season(s): I fell asleep 30 minutes before the Race, woke up and realized that the Race is over and we're eliminated.
  • Biggest challenge you and your teammate will face on The Race together: Communication, accuracy, and one more thing: adjusting time zones.
  • Best thing about your teammate: Well, he's a big fan of The Amazing Race and so do I, we have a Race background, we know each other for a long time, hence I think we're match. Especially we come from the same province?!
  • Worst thing about your teammate: I don't know.
  • What will you do differently this time around? I think we shall start coordinating each other more better and start to pay attention, especially about the time zones.
  • Why do you think you and your teammate will win? Because we think we have whatever it takes to win the game. We just need to overcome the challenges.

Ganda Edit

  • Age: 20

Season 4 Edit

  • Leg 1: 10th
    • Icon-Roadblock Ganda
    • Icon-Detour Park
    • Icon-PitStop Arrived 10th.
  • Leg 2: 10th
    • 10801820 10203739881842928 1563646380409239033 n -
    • Icon-Roadblock Tata
    • Icon-Detour Many
    • Icon-NonEliminationLeg Arrived 10th. Non-Elimination Leg.
  • Leg 3: 2nd
    • Icon-Roadblock Ganda
      • Handicap Had Handicap.
    • Icon-Detour Near Location
    • Icon-PitStop Arrived 2nd.
  • Leg 4: 3rd
    • Icon-FastForward -
    • Icon-Detour Sing A Song
    • Icon-PitStop Arrived 3rd.
  • Leg 5: 1st
    • Icon-Roadblock Tata
    • Icon-Detour Unscramble
    • 10801820 10203739881842928 1563646380409239033 n Completed Side Road.
    • Icon-PitStop Arrived 1st.
  • Leg 6: 7th
    • Icon-FastForward -
    • Icon-Roadblock Tata
      • 10801820 10203739881842928 1563646380409239033 n Side Road advantage.
    • Icon-Detour Cypriot Language
    • 15px-Icon-Uturn Did not use the U-Turn.
    • Icon-PitStop Arrived 7th. 5th Team Eliminated.


  • Leg 1: 5th
    • Starttask Won the Starpass.
    • Icon-Airport 1st Flight.
    • Icon-Detour InlandIsland
    • 15px-Icon-Uturn Did not use the U-Turn.
    • Icon-Roadblock Ganda
    • Icon-PitStop Arrived 5th.
  • Leg 2: 3rd
    • Icon-Airport 1st Flight.
    • Icon-Roadblock Tata
    • Icon-Detour Flag
    • Icon-PitStop Arrived 3rd.
  • Leg 3: 4th
    • Icon-Airport 1st Flight.
    • Icon-Roadblock Ganda
    • Icon-Detour Stadium in Belize
    • Icon-NonEliminationLeg Arrived 4th.
  • Leg 4: 4th
    • Icon-Airport 1st Flight.
      WGbss Starpass effect given to Purry & Luke.
    • Icon-FastForward Attempted, but did not win, the Fast Forward.
    • Icon-Roadblock Tata
    • Icon-Detour Cinema
    • 15px-Icon-Uturn Did not use the U-Turn.
    • Icon-PitStop Arrived 4th.
  • Leg 5: 7th
    • Icon-Detour Like My Rhymes
    • Icon-Roadblock Tata
    • Icon-NonEliminationLeg Arrived 7th.
  • Leg 6: 6th
    • Icon-FastForward Attempted, but did not win, the Fast Forward.
    • Icon-Detour Numbers
    • Icon-Roadblock Ganda
    • Icon-PitStop Arrived 6th.
  • Leg 7: 3rd
    • Icon-Roadblock Tata
    • Icon-Detour Four DigitsTwo Digits
    • 15px-Icon-Uturn U-Turned Joan & Sam¹.
    • Icon-PitStop Arrived 3rd.
  • Leg 8: 5th
    • Icon-IntersectionSmall Intersectioned with Duy & Tung.
      • Icon-Roadblock Ganda (w. Duy)
    • Icon-Detour Song
    • Icon-NonEliminationLeg Arrived 5th.
  • Leg 9: 1st
    • Icon-Roadblock Tata
    • Icon-Detour Four Beasts
    • 15px-Icon-Uturn -
    • Icon-PitStop Arrived 1st.
  • Leg 10: 5th
    • Icon-Roadblock Ganda
    • Icon-Detour Gods
    • Icon-PitStop Arrived 5th. 7th Team Eliminated.



Season 4Edit


The Amazing RaceEdit

  • First Indonesian team.
  • First team to own the Starpass.


  • ¹Joan & Sam had already checked in as they received the U-Turn, and so Tata & Ganda's U-Turn had no effect.
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