This is all confessionals made during the eighth Leg.


A leg one hour before ESC? Thank goodness I made it! xDDD

That moment realizing in the last sort of like 6 months, I've been playing TAR theme song 9860 times. And more!

I can't believe my most played cover I ever uploaded is being featured. Good luck Hungary!

That song was just so meaningful until I can't stop singing to it while searching for the ones mentioned

My feeling is right. I have a feeling that we'll go to Austria in terms of ESC '15 and it's true xDD #wishgranted

Hoping we'll visit the winning country but we don't know who still lol but let's see next leg.


Here's hoping we go to brazil...........

I hope we actually accomplish the task of enduring this pain that is having jamie/szymon after us....


So basically, Team Ratchet, Team Black & Blue, and my team are planning to somehow get Team Twinnies out. I don't know how we are going to do this, but I hope it works, because the Bad Bitch Club needs to reign supreme.


Ok, so I fucked up at that roadblock and once again Ive been grazed by death... Ill start begging people to try help me place first because... Yeah we def don't have a chance and people rather take us to the end...