This is all confessionals made during the first Leg.


Well, we're also hardcore fans of TAR sooo #ourteam. I also hope we're match and even do better than in Reid's.

Just let's see if we can do it this time around. First leg is near. Sooo excited!!!

I hope this is going to be a blast for us. To be honest, in every Race I host/play, I usually listen to TAR theme song for good luck. Hopefully it helps

At least we're not eliminated yet.

What the heck yay we're still on the race! #confessional At least we're still here, considering the questions level for us which is still, better than 703N's :v


AAAAAHHHH OK, so like, third times a charm? Amma right? Hopefully we got this. We have the frozen oyster alliance which is great, I'm also going to help out Orange, which Koror might not like so ssshhhh. But yass, hopefully we can slay it.

That was easy... Kinda. Sucks that Koror didn't help out alot LOL but um, hopefully we don't get such a low placing, I really thought we where gonna come in first Oh well!


Well we have an ally, Purry. Not Koror, just Purry. That may sound silly, but whatever.

This has to be a dream, right? RIGHT??????!?!?!?!


Yesss that leg went so well! I hope to continue to work with Seth & John and Wesley & Gerda and continue to get us three into the top three placements, and hopefully win a few more legs along the way [:


It feels GREAT coming in 2nd! The first leg was so nerve wracking and I think John and I both needed that to kind of boost our confidence up. Also Jamie is dirt [:


That leg just sucked for me. Like wow. I arrived a bit late, but it wasn't too bad. I pretty easily got past the first half of clues. But got damnit that one route info about Osaka park got me. I spent 45 minutes on that crape. Wtf is that. I had to ask two teams for help. What is that?! I can do so much better than that. I hope Pydo will be available next time. If he isn't the Team Smash will be getting smash attacked out of the game.