This is all confessionals made during the first Leg.


I'm so excited to come back for All-Stars, but nervous at the same time. I don't know if alliances will still be a thing for this season but since these are all strong teams, I doubt it. I also really don't like that Tata revived the TAR4 alliance, looks like everyone else don't too. Tung can't play in leg 1 and I'm really worried it will affect our placement or if the hosts put a random U-Turn there they would target us immediately. You can't let others know your weakness so I told Tung to say he can play, the rest is on me.

I'm glad that we were not the first team eliminated, but beside that was nothing but disappointment in this leg. Tung wasn't be able to do the flight task because of the olympic thing and ultimately gave us a huge disadvantage. And it's not bad enough he had to feel extremely tired after going back from the olympic shit that he decided to sleep, leaving it all to me. I don't know what he did there, but is it more tiring than biking around the city under the 36 degree heat for a day? Like come on. I have lost all interest in playing with him, and now that my goal is completed I couldn't care less if we are eliminated next. Jonas I'm so sorry you have to see this. I'm not quitting tho. I will finish what I started, it's just winning isn't important to me anymore at this point and with this partner.


So... Third time's a charm as they always say. As it is an All-Stars season, I'll go through the cast and give my opinions.

Purry/Me - Good casting choices, especially with ditching our inactive partners.
Ryan/Natalie - No idea how they played. No opinion on them.
Joan/Sam - Good.
Nicholas/Andrew - Good.
Erica/Max - Not gonna lie, what the fuck are they doing here? They were legitimately the most useless and irrelevant team in TAR 3.
Lindsay/TJ - I like them, but why are they here? They were super inactive.
Duy/Tung - Good.
Tata/Ganda - Whyyyyy are they here?
Jamie/Tyler - If they didn't win, they wouldn't have even been considered. Jamie is also a massively sore loser, who's probably gonna bitch about how awful of a host Coffee is if he loses.
Szymon/Jamie - Good.
Nuno/Emma - Good.

Anyways, the first leg hasn't started yet and already an assload of shit has happened. Tata made an alliance with like the entire cast and keeps adding people to it, even though there's clearly people talking in the chat already. It's like:"Hi new allies! Welcome to the bottom!"

I went to talk to Szymon about how ridiculous this alliance was, but it turns out he actually thinks it's a great alliance. Wow, I expected him to be smarter than that. I think he's a good person and everything, but wow he can't see the obvious.

Funniest story, Tata's alliance is actually her alliance from season 4. Because I hosted it, I was in their original alliance chat that they resurrected for this season. I saw them do a bit of strategizing, before they finally saw me in the chat and removed me. Not too long later, they made a new chat which is the chat I was talking about earlier. Well thanks Tata for proving to me that I can't trust you.

In other news, waiting for the cast to be revealed one by one was pretty intense too. I knew the last team was gonna be either Tyler/Perry or Nuno/Emma. I couldn't be happier that it's Nuno/Emma. All Tyler/Perry ever does is betray people, while Nuno/Emma are extremely easy allies. So now we're in both Tata's Bullshit Alliance and Nuno's alliance "The Cuties".

We need all the help we can get, so we'll use both alliances to our advantage for now. It just so happens that the starting leg couldn't be at a less convenient time for me, so I hope Purry can do it alone.

I'm here for the strategizing and doing the legs when my rehearsal isn't in the way. I'm gonna rely on Purry to make allies, since she's better friends with everyone than I am.

Anyways, let's have a blast and hope my schedule doesn't fuck us over!

So, as fate would have it, the race hasn't even started and already every possible thing that can go wrong has.Firstly, I now have rehearsal every day. And the legs are right smack in the middle of them. My biggest TRE fear has always been being an inactive partner in TAR. Seriously, fuck those teams that took so long to send in their avatars and made this take so long to start. I wouldn't have accepted the invitation if I knew it'd start now.Not only that, I don't even have a chance in this game. My computer just so happened to die randomly and can't be fixed. So I can't do the flight tasks since I have nothing to play on.If luck is with us and we manage to stay in when the musical ends, I still won't be able to do roadblocks or anything without a computer.This is so humiliating. The worst part about it is that there's legitimately nothing I can do about it.

So this is fucking lovely. The leg was in the middle of rehearsal, but was rescheduled for the next day. Normally I'd be able to be there, IF I had a computer. So best I can do is be there on mobile to give moral support.Side note: why the fuck does Tata keep helping teams with the flight task?! This is supposed to be the individual part of the game!!

So Joan sent a really low score in the team chat and frantically spammed to hide it.Seriously? I call bullshit. It would have been so much higher if he wasn't trying to dupe everyone. Nice try, Joan. That shit doesn't work on me.

So my vast knowledge on world flags and web skills managed to give me a great Flight Task score. So we ended up on first flight, hooray!Anyways, the leg starts soon and I can only be online via mobile. So Purry better hurry up and get online asafp.

Turns out I was able to make the leg after all, but couldn't help as much as I wanted to because I was on mobile. But I wasn't inactive.Considering how much is left until my show, I'm predicting that I'll be absent for the next 4 legs. Let's hope Purry can keep it up til then.

So Jamie and Tyler were first out. Tyler's a nice guy, but Jamie irritates the Hell out of me with his immature complaints.Anyways, if we go next, I'll be fine with it. Just not being first out is good. However, I don't want us to go next. I just won't be devastated if we do.


First flight! Yeahooo!

I hope we're lucky this time around. And I also hope we can prove that we could win the Race. Let's do it!


We are obviously gonna be such a big threat to other teams but who CARES GO US


So, yeah, we're running again! Hooray! We were late this leg, unfortunately, but thanks to some awesome help we still got 6th. We got U-turned, which is just.... Yeah, I think it speaks for itself to U-turn a first flight team while they still have time left. But yeah, anyway, we're going again!


Omg we did so well!! Especially for Luke not being here Our allies, Jinx and Max, got U turned by our other allies, yikes. We're doing good though! I think we can survive for a while