The 1st Annual Hunger Games
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The 1st Annual Hunger Games is the first season of The Hunger Games.


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The TributesEdit

Person Age District Trait Status
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15 3 Suffers claustrophobia Stabbed by Kaffe.
Day 1
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18 11 Suffers Marfan's syndrom. Stabbed by Xenia.
Day 1
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14 9 Lost her hand in labour. Stabbed by Jessy.
Day 1
18 4 Trained as a Career;

Knows how to make a fishing hook out of anything.

Stabbed by Petra.
Day 1
17 6 Is an orphan. Throat punctured by Sam.
Day 1
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13 6 Has an IQ of 142. Bled to death.
Day 1
Tung THG
15 8 Has asthma Stabbed by Erica.
Day 1
Erica Joy Garbino
15 2 Trained as a Career;

Has a prosthetic leg

Shot by Sam.
Day 1
18 7 Is a die hard vegetarian. Shot by Sam.
Day 3
17 4 Trained as a Career;

Is allergic to mosquito bites.

Throat slit by Tommy.
Day 3
Jessy (2)
16 1 Trained as a Career;

Worked as a fashion model

Stabbed by Kaffe.
Day 3
17 2 Trained as a Career;

Has a short temper

Throat slit by Noah.
Day 3
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15 8 Is immune to most sickness. Stabbed by Emma.
Day 3
Jaylen (2)
18 10 Is bipolar. Stabbed by Purry.
Day 4
12 12 Has good medical skills. Died from injuries.
Day 4
17 5 Scarred of the dark. Suffocated in mud.
Day 5
16 5 Has photographic memory. Suffocated in mud.
Day 5
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18 10 Is a sadist. Died of poison.
Day 6
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17 1 Trained as a Career:

Is Homosexual

Skull crushed by Purry.
Day 7
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16 3 Was abused and has committed murder. Stabbed by Tommy.
Day 7
17 7 Hunts in her free time. Killed by Tommy
Day 8
16 9 Is the son of the head peacekeeper. Killed by Noah
Day 8
Noah Mason Mangatar
18 12 Has been working in the coal mines for 2 months. Stabbed by Purry
Day 8
15 11 Suffers anorexia. Victor

Timeline Edit

Training Days Edit

Day 1:

  • The 24 tributes arrive to the training center, there they meet Atala who tells them the rules of the training center and allows them to go to the multiple stations.
  • Emma meets Paige at the fire making station where they both struggle to make fire, however when Emma manages to make the fire she creates a huge flame that nearly burns Paige's arm. The flame sets on fire a set of logs which Paige has to set off with an extiguisherr.
  • Erica meets Zaphire in the racing coarse. Noah then joins the coarse too but doesntt interact with neither,
  • Zaphire and Erica leave the coarse to be able to talk alone, Nuno joins the coarse after they leave, Jo appraoches Zaphire and Erica leaves to the climbing wall. Jo to try and impress Zaphire challenges him to a race, this ends up in a tie, this finishes in a tie. Jo then proceeds to challenge Zaphire into a climbing race which Zaphire let's Jo win for some unknown reason.
  • Purry meets Petra at the Agility Coarse. After Purry fails to show her agility she shows Petra how fast she can climb. Petra responds by pushing her off her balance.
  • Nuno and Noah get to know each other in the Race Coarse.
  • Nicholas tries the Agility Coarse.
  • When Erica finishes with the Climbing she goes to practice with some Throwing Knives.
  • Samantha goes to the Bow and Arrow station.
  • Nuno leaves the Speed Coarse and tries the Agility Coarse.
  • Andreas attempts the Speed Coarse.
  • Purry goes to talk to Basil at the Sword Fighting area. Purry then runs some laps at the Speed Coarse.
  • Nicholas trains with the Bow and Arrow.
  • Zaphire gathers Jessy, Wesley, Kaffe, Samantha and Erica and forms the Careers Alliance.
  • Andreas and Nicholas meet each other.
  • The Careers inspect everybody else in the room. They notice Jo practicing the Bow and Arrow, he barely misses bulls eye which Sam and Kaffe laugh at. Zaphire tells Jo to try again. Jo then hits the bulls eye, however the Careers do not take much notice of that and Samantha proceeds to take the bow and arrow and make an 'S' with the arrows showing incredible presision.
  • Nuno meets Petra. They discuss about the Careers, Petra points out how they have been constatnly checking out Jo. Jo then joins the pair and confesses his attraction for Zaphire.
  • Andreas goes to the Plant ID station.
  • Jessy does teh Agility Coarse in Hopes of increasing her stealth.
  • Petra goes to the snare station and proceeds to make a small hole in the table to reveal a set of wires. She doesntt explain why she did thatandd quickly covers the hole with a box.
  • Quinoa and Tommy meet each other.
  • Atala announces its lunch time and everybody leaves to the canteen.
  • Emma and Paige sit together, Paige spends most of the time bitching about Emma.
  • Petra, Nuno, Noah, Purry and Noah sit together.
  • The Careers sit together.
  • Quinoa and Tommy sit together.
  • Purry moves to the Career's table. Kaffe pushes Purry away violently and Zaphire is visibly contemplating stabbing her.
  • Jessy leaves to Petra's table. Zaphire then lifts Purry and drops her down before following Jessy.
  • Purry sits next to Kaffe who flicks her nose. Purry then attempts to hug Kaffe just to be shoved into the floor by Kaffe, after this Kaffe leaves.
  • In Petra's table they all talk a little bit about themselves.
  • Quinoa and Tommy decide to work together. Purry joins their table, Quinoa quickly informs Purry that she placed a huge target on herself. Purry leaves to Petra's table.
  • When Petra notices Purry on her table she gets up and leaves, Nuno follows her. Jo also leaves.
  • Samantha walks over to Purry. Kaffe, Zaphire and Wesley join her and they hold Purry so that Samantha can punch Purry in the face. Atala tehn arrives and stops the beating and takes Samantha outside the room. She proceeds to beat her up and nearly kills Samantha iwht a handgun.
  • Jo treats Purry's wounds and after Atala returns with a bruised Sam she announces that training is over and everybody must return to their rooms.

Night 1

Odds TableEdit

Person Age District Traits Odds
Weapon Speed Strength Plant ID Swimming Snare Stealth Climbing Survival Skills
Zaphire 17 1 High High Low Low Low Medium High Medium -
Jessy 16 1 Medium High Medium High Low Low High Medium -
Kaffe 17 2 Medium High Low Medium Low High Low Low -
Erica 15 2 Low High Medium Low Medium High Low High -
Nicholas 15 3 Medium Low Low Low High High High Medium -
Petra 16 3 High Low Medium Low High High Low Medium -
Wesley 18 4 Medium High Low High Low Low Medium High -
Samantha 17 4 High Medium Low High Medium High Low Low -
Norbert 17 5 Medium Medium Low Low High High High Low -
Rebekah 16 5 High Low Medium Low Medium High High Low -
Andreas 17 6 Low Medium Low Medium Low High High High -
Yve 13 6 High Low Low Medium Medium High High Low -
Nuno 17 7 Low High Medium Low High Low Medium High 6-1v
Jo 18 7 High Low High Low Low Medium High Medium -
Tung 15 8 Low Medium Low Low High High Medium High -
Paige 15 8 Medium Medium Low High Low High High Low -
Tommy 16 9 Medium Medium High Low High Medium High Low 9-1^
Quinoa 14 9 Medium Low High Medium Low Low High High -
Jaylen 18 10 Low High Low Low High Medium High Medium -
Xenia 18 10 Medium High Low Low High Low Medium High -
Basil 18 11 Low High High Low High Medium Low Medium -
Purry 15 11 High Low High Low Low Medium High Medium 10-1^
Emma 12 12 High Low High Low Low High Medium Medium -
Noah 18 12 Low High Medium Low High Medium High Low 3-1^

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