This is all confessionals made during the tenth Leg.


I'm so ready for this! I think we have a big chance to get in the final three! This time you do the roadblock, babe?


F4. This is it. I think we have a great chance at going to the F3. We have loyal allies in the Tungs, and Amber and Lucky, though reluctant to help us, still owe us. That 4th team are the only ones we're not aligned with somehow, and the ones I want out this leg.

F4 teams:Me and Gavin - the threats. We've ranked high in all legs, and have the highest average rank right now.
The Tungs - the other threats. Though not as present as me and Gavin, they've shown to be able to win legs if necessary. They could very possibly win this game.
Lucky and Amber - the averages. Not being too much of a threat, but not being bad either, they've been present and there the entire game. Would make decent winenrs too.
Seth and Josh - who...? They're so invisible it's ridiculous. When I talked to someone about TAR the other day I even thought they were the other invisible team (Jaylen and Xavier) - that's how much they've shown their presence. I guess they'd have an underdog win of some sort, but I can't see that happening, since they've mostly been dragged here by other teams.


Coming into this leg, Amber and I are definitely the underdogs. We've never won a leg but we've survived every one. We fought our way to the final four and I want to fight our way to the final three and win it all!