This is all confessionals made during the second Leg.


Stoked to be here in Argentina, especially after the ridiculous cold that was Antarctic. We got a little turned around here and there, but managed to make it to the mat and not be eliminated. This leg we are moving on up. And the ones ahead of us better watch their backs and necks. This is business and they are standing in our way.


I am extremely glad that we made it to this season. As of the previous leg Sam seemed to fail me and I was greatly upset by that as I had to make my way through Antartica and Argentina alone. I personally think that Antartica was a brilliant starting location as it was unexpected and despite it's general bareness, exotic. As I and Sam, mainly myself, saw ourselves in the second flight. There Lindsay approached me and we created an alliance to assure our stay in the game. I mainly helped her like the gentleman I am through her struggles, I even allowed her to reach the pitstop meanwhile I was holding the door for help. I also convinced Lindsay to try and alter the route of one of the teams, Duy and Tung, by giving them an U-Turn. I believe that they are a strong team and that it was a needed measure, I also saved myself from having to do such a tedious move, would be a shame if it backfired on me and Sam. I was greatly offended of how one of the two pairs of winners partaking in this season were performing so weakly in the leg thus I helped them as if a weak team remained over a strong team, like Dung and Duy, me and Sam would have a bigger chance of taking the price. Sadly Jamie and Tyler performed so badly that not even my help saved them from eliminated. Sad times.


Yes, 1st flight again! 4/5 of the 1st flight is my alliance, so this is great! I hope someone who isn't in my alliance leaves again, but maybe my alliance should take over yet, or else I will be gone soon, and I better not get 5th again!


First flight again yesss, so proud of the alliance, 4/5 again, I hope one day all members could be on the same flight Fighting everybody! We can do it! :DD #confessional


Second flight! What a treat! Relaxation of not worrying about coming in last! Oh boy oh boy oh boy! hnng. We'll be fine, atleast the ~better~ alliance, The Ratchet alliance, consisting of Nuno/Emma, Erica/Max and Luke/Me, aare all on the same flight, it better stay that way!!! Like... Half the cast are in The Travelers...and I barely get awnsers from there because Jamie/Szymon rush ahead and don't give us awnsers...and the others just piss off in their own run... Anyways... Y A S F O R R A T C H E T

That puzzle was horrible. Kinda wanna faint cause I probably didn't breath while doing it cause I was so paranoid I'd loose the lead and come last, but, go me. I hope Luke is #proud of me ^.^ and also, I hope he can take part soon Thats what I love most about playing TAR! Go me tho


With Jamie + Tyler out, we're the only winners left and I think in the future if there's a yield or U-Turn, people won't hesitate to use it on us. I'm gonna be racing alone this leg and even I have to go after 20 minutes, so hopefully I can finish in 20 minutes and keep us in!


So, today went really, really, really well, we finished in less than 10 minutes, which is I believe a new record for us. If we'd ben on the first fligh I'm sure we'd have won! The tasks we've done, we've all done before, but that doesn't make it all less fun to do. So far, we're going very strong in The Amazing Race: All-Stars!


So I'm kinda upset that I missed last leg. First leg in all three of my seasons that I've ever missed. I'm even more upset that I'm gonna miss the next three legs too. Even worse, we were on the second flight, so this ain't gonna be easy. And we're running out of inactives.Anyways, Lindsay/TJ are out. Couldn't be happier about it. There's no doubt that they'd want revenge from last season.If we can somehow last until my show ends and I can be here for every leg, we could potentially take this race by storm.