This is all confessionals made during the sixth Leg.


After last leg, we decided to not give Tata & Ganda our answers anymore. Jessie pm’ed me before the leg asking for help. After a while of thinking I agreed to help them. We are using the same strategy again, which is helping a weak team to push others back, but this time we choose the right weak team! We helped them reach the U-Turn, I then asked Jessie to U-Turn Purry & Koror because it’s time for personal game. I knew Nicholas & Andrew won the Fast Forward, wasn’t sure where Szymon & Jamie and Tata & Ganda were, Seth & John seemed weak so the safe option would be U-Turning Purry & Koror out. Unfortunately Tommy didn’t want to, which is fine by me, you won’t receive any help next time anyway. I told Jessie to not tell anyone we helped them, but host Jonas blew it up by revealing it in the leg report. Luckily I also helped Purry & Koror, Szymon & Jamie and Tata & Ganda when they finally showed up, so hopefully they think I was just helping everyone. We finished in 2nd place, I kinda thought we should have U-Turned Tata & Ganda until we knew they weren’t online in time. In the end, they were eliminated and I can’t be happier. Now the only real threat left is Szymon & Jamie, and I sure will save the second U-Turn for them.


Everyone we couldn't help.... sorry?


I hope we could return but this is just unlucky.


I just hope we could return on another season for searching of redemption we're actually on the right track, finish in top 3 but now it's just unlucky for us


Legit, Koror isn't going to be at the leg. I'm going tro cry. I don't trust Szymon, I don't trust Northern Dicks (hehe). This is going to hurt ;-;

I never thought Tommy would be more useful than a pack of 3-4 teams in a group chat, in a supposed "alliance".¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Tata & Ganda, I didn't really expect this, but atleast thats one threat down :~)


Duy is asking me for help with today's leg. I wouldn't decline, because I used to get a lot of help. Let's hope this leg doesn't kill us

I feel really bad about not helping Duy, hopefully he is still in the game soon and I can help him then!