This is all confessionals made during the second Leg.


I love Nicholas to death, but his partner is so unbearable. Please take a chill pill and calm yourself. Because all Andrew does is run his mouth and act like he owns the place. It's so fucking annoying. Like Jeffy can be the worst sometimes but I can't stand that because Andrew doesn't like him, he's like the fucking devil. Whatever, he's negative energy that no one wants.

I flopped more than Reid today. Those darn fruits got me all screwed up.

Look, I might be a flop, but that's our team to be honest. We're gonna be the best flops we can be! We're certified flops and we'll flop our way to the top I guess. I don't know we'll probably get good soon, I hope.

So, we wanted to get a higher placement, but 5th is good. We are taking our place in the back of the first flight. It's good with 10 teams left, but we need to pick it up tomorrow.


This is nice! We're on the first flight and both online, I'm sure we can do this. Tung said we're going to Brazil, which gives me home memories (EVEN THO I'M HERE). We might actually win a leg after so long.


Seriously, losing by 1 second doesn't seem that fun. They got to the pitstop first because they're native but very well, we will take back that 1st place the next leg and no fruits nor songs can stop us. . We also have the express pass to give another team, we haven't thought of whom to give but for sure, they won't be nuno or nate, they are way too strong, wanna burn the express pass by giving it to the team who will use it immediately.


10 minutes late, but still 3rd place! We are awesome once again, even though nuno and Emma helped us with the Detour. I think we can go far this season too, but this time we better win!