This is all confessionals made during the second Leg.


I guess I'll make my last confessional ._.

David being all caught up in winning just messed with us going to win it. Oh well



Well, TJ and I have made it through two legs! Barely, but we did. For each leg, only one of us was actually at a computer- leg one was TJ, and today was me. And each day, something held us up so that it got hard to finish well. TJ was late yesterday to his computer, and today, I got held up by the stupid fucking flash game. Apparently. I'm not good at avoiding getting eaten by computerized fish. Too bad, would have gotten me SO far in life to have that skill. But we're alive. Right now, that's all I care about.


Even though may partner Erica was away today, I think I did well on this Leg. Though I first thought a score of 350 in Fishy was enough. I really, really hate that game. Wasted too much of my life.


Yay we won! I'm so glad that we managed to do it. I know the first couple legs are going to be easier, but I'm ready for a challenge. I think we know, Emma and Nuno are going to be our biggest competition. I'd be happy to lose to them though, the game has been really fun so far, and I am so proud of us.


So Rebekah didn't listen to me and blew the challenge for flight booking. But my score was enough to carry her and we ended up on flight one!

She actually showed up for this one, even though she did jackshit. Danielle 2.0. We got the express pass from Nuno and didn't even need to use it this leg. So we got it if we ever end up on flight 2 or Rebekah isn't here. We finished third this leg, and hopefully can keep going strong. And hopefully Rebekah gets her shit together.


I'm kinda annoyed that Tommy didn't listen to me about the fast forward because we would've won, but it still shows that we're a strong team and that we could potentially win future legs, so I'm not worried.