This is all confessionals made during the first Leg.


I was really nervous that I wouldn't be able to play because if Jamie came in last, I wouldn't have been able to do anything. Good thing he came in the clutch (no pun intended).


That was so much fun and so stressful! It was really nice to see how well Jessy and I work together, I did well with the clues and she saved us in the tasks where I kinda froze. Getting 3rd is a good start, hopefully we can get 1st in the end though. All of the legs is all about staying alive, its only the last one that really matters. The more interesting part was that we formed an alliance with Luke/Julia, David/Shannon and Purry/James. David & Shannon says they got first, but they didnt tell us about it, they didnt help out and left us in a disadvantage. They are now first on my target list for future u-turns. It's annoying when we agree to work together and they just use our information without giving back when they get ahead. Don't mess with me, trust me, it never goes well.


Well, we made it to the finish line and we're not out first. I think I've earned myself a high five. They all underestimated me. I not only dragged my team here by myself, but dragged another team. Watch out racers, cause I'm not as dumb as YOU look.


Oww, That was hard. Especially without James ;___; He will pay for what he did to meee ^-^


Stupid people. STUPID people. Oh should I say that again? STUPID PLAYERS! David and Shannon, thank you for making the stupidest decision of your life.


Holy shit what a way to start out. I was super busy and didn't arrive to departure time until eight minutes beforehand. Immediately Julia/Danielle and I made an alliance with Teams Animals and NoSkillz. Due to Alf's incredible speed, we were able to get fourth place in the first leg. But apparently someone thought it'd be a good idea to have Team Barnyard in our alliance. They did all the legs, then told us how to do them. Trying to put the rest of us at a disadvantage and give themselves two express passes. My first order of business was to create a new alliance chat without them and tell everyone what was up. Hopefully we can get Barnyard out at some point.