This is all confessionals made during the tenth Leg.


I can taste a Superleg coming this leg, and I'm pretty scared about it. Good thing we aren't marked for elimination though, otherwise we'd be fucked to next July


We're closer to F3 and this is a way, in F5, and we have to prove that we Asians can make it to F3! Go +7 Alliance! xDD

Well, at least this is better than our placement in the previous leg, maybe if there's a season 6 we'll apply again but I don't know more, it depends on him though

Although a deja vu happened to us, 1st then last in our two seasons, respectively (TAR TRE 4 on F7 and TAR TRE 5 on F5), that means a lot to us. I think this is an experience that we all will never forget. And one more thing. The fact that the Asians can make it far, can also motivate our fellow Asians to compete in the Race, even though we have different time zones. A lot!

Perhaps Ganda's computer problem could be also the reason, but the fact that I didn't even recognize Niue cities could be one. When I got the beach but we didn't get the city, that feels... On the island like that xDD

al Well, this could make fellow South East Asians proud. Duy and Tung, we passed our torch to you guys, I hope you guys make it to F3 as a vengeance to you guys' F4


I'm actually here today. It's a miracle! We might not actually get 5th! I've been getting 5th too much in the past two seasons ._. but I'm glad I'm still here, and I hope we can at least get 4th


THE STREAK HAS FINALLY BEEN BROKEN. 5th is no more. We finally did it. Go us. Woo...... But that was an intense leg, because I didn't wanna get 5th and I didn't wanna do the Roadblock. But I liked going to Niue, so it was fun, and stupid, all at the same time.


May the original ringleader rest in peace. But honestly I am so worried about next leg, Sam can't even left and right. How dumb is that? We legit are so close for being to the final three again, and if we play our cards we might even dethrone Jamie and Szymon next week, how fun would that be!


It came down to the decision of choosing to keep Andrew & Nicholas or Tata & Ganda, and it's a no brainer. I'm sorry Tata & Ganda, at this point I wouldn't let a strong team survive another leg. Only one target left. One big target.