This is all confessionals made during the ninth Leg.


this first place finish is huge. It's a huge confidence booster. Now we have momentum and we know where we're going. We have a leg up on the other teams.

either this leg is non elimination, or the next leg is. I really hope the next one is.


We took a risk with not doing the side road, but I hope it pays off. We needed a leg win. It's gonna help us feel more confident.

I hope next leg is non-elimination and today is an elimination. We need someone strong to go home.


This was a pain. Got home just as the leg begun, due to a consert, and wasn't here until a couple of minutes until everyone else had begun. Managed to find the park easily though, compared to everyone else, but struggled at the Detour. Thanks to Nuno we made it into 3rd though, which is decent enough. We need to step it up though, otherwise we might go home next...


so no gavin and nathaniel didn't turn their chats off, just nathaniel had a 10 hour concert (rip him), BUT YAS ME AND EMMA getting 2nd twice!!! It means we're back in game, and we could have even gotten 1st had mikey not taken the FF! I hope me and Emma can like, not get 4th again (that'd be pretty sad), but yas!

really hoping me and emma make it to the finale this time. I have a whole ass doc that has every single clue and location and city and, well, everything that has happened this season, so the final task would be pretty easy, as long as it isn't, ya know, *cough* confessionals *cough*