This is all confessionals made during the seventh Leg.


Well that was quick. We did fast forward because we want to break the most 1st place finishes record basically. We didn't need the fast forward and to be honest, its a bit dissapointing to do it while in Scandinavia.. but oh well.


Second time doing a leg by myself, and get second place again. Not bad. These people really need to watch out. Nobody is gonna see us coming. They might as well call me king. >: )


Can't believe how fast those people are, Im impressed by how Jaimie and Tyler, way got in front of us, shocking, I will not race again by my own.


God damned non-elim legs. If it had been one day later, all would be well since I'm not sure if I can make the next leg. Danielle literally did jack shit this leg, so l'm scared for out future in the game. Also, Jake pathetically tried to get us to lose. He needs to try a lot harder than just telling us he's stuck. Pathetic.