This is all confessionals made during the twelfth Leg.


The curse has been lifted......... and we have a chance of winning the wonderful world! yes chessy af ik it but mikey had 4 episode titles and I NEED ONE

Alright, it's time, or well, in one hour, we decide who wins. I have no clue if me and Emma can win, but I think we have a shot at it. Let's just hope we play our cards right, don't take too long on simple tasks and can cross the finish line with ease. I do feel hungry as hell, though.


We were here, final 3 in the previous season but it was devastating and we could not even finish the leg. But this time, i will be different cuz we are super duper confident that we will win. To me, second time a a charm.


I'm here again. Im having a chance to win this race again. I cant do it 3 times. This time, it'll be my last time, my last race. I hope Diligence is the mother of good fortune. We got 1st in the first leg, and now, the final leg. A bad begining makes a good ending? We will see.