World of Music - South Special
Season Run April 2018
Host 23px-Flag of Zimbabwe.svg Zimbabwe (Kaffe)
Entries 12
Debuting countries 23px-Flag of Zimbabwe.svg Zimbabwe
Flag of South Africa.svg South Africa
Flag of Paraguay.svg Paraguay
23px-Flag of Mauritius.svg Mauritius
23px-Flag of Chile.svg Chile
23px-Flag of Samoa.svg Samoa
23px-Flag of Uruguay.svg Uruguay
Series Chronology

World of Music - South Special was the eigth special season of World of Music. In this season, each participant could only represent countries in the Southern Hemisphere.


Each representative will choose any country of the world, then pick a song that will count as that country's entry in the contest.
The song has to be related to the country you are representing, either by being made or sung by someone from that country.

There is no requirements or restrictions when it comes to the song, though a link to a Youtube video has to be provided.

All participating contestants will then vote for the songs that they liked best, by distributing 8, 6, 4, 3, 2 and 1 points to their favorite songs. The winner is the contestant with the most points.

The GameEdit

Representative Country Song Artist Place Points
Wesley Flag of South Africa.svg South Africa YOUTH Troye Sivan
Mikey 23px-Flag of Australia.svg Australia Untouched The Veronicas
Chris 23px-Flag of Indonesia.svg Indonesia What We Remember Anggun
Tobias Flag of Paraguay.svg Paraguay Sueño en complicidad Flou
Nathaniel 23px-Flag of Argentina.svg Argentina Western Attaque 77
George 23px-Flag of Mauritius.svg Mauritius Mi Gente J Balvin, Willy William
Sebastian 23px-Flag of Chile.svg Chile Te vas Américo
Blaine 125px-Flag of Colombia.svg Colombia En värld full av strider Jon Henrik Fjällgren ft. Anina
James 23px-Flag of Kenya.svg Kenya Probably For Lovers Just A Band
Valentin 23px-Flag of Samoa.svg Samoa Does It Feel Like Falling Alex Aiono
Tung 23px-Flag of Uruguay.svg Uruguay Antes Jorge Drexler
Kaffe 23px-Flag of Zimbabwe.svg Zimbabwe Close to Me Nina Watson
Bold indicates the host.
Gold indicates the Winner.
Silver indicates 2nd place.
Bronze indicates 3rd place.
Red indicates last place.
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