World of Music XXII
Season Run February 2018
Host 21px-Flag of Iceland.svg Iceland (Mikey)
Entries 17
Debuting countries Flag of Georgia.svg Georgia
Winner 20px-Flag of Denmark.svg Denmark (Kaffe)
Mind The Gap by NABIHA
Series Chronology
Previous Season World of Music XXI
Next Season World of Music XXIII

World of Music XXII is the twenty-second season of World of Music. It was hosted by the winner of the twenty-first season, Mikey. It was won by Denmark with 73 points. Second place went to USA, who received 60 points, while third place was won by the Netherlands with 58 points.


Each representative will choose any country of the world, then pick a song that will count as that country's entry in the contest.
The song has to be related to the country you are representing, either by being made or sung by someone from that country.

There is no requirements or restrictions when it comes to the song, though a link to a Youtube video has to be provided.

All participating contestants will then vote for the songs that they liked best, by distributing 10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 points to their favorite songs. The winner is the contestant with the most points.

The winner will then be the host of the next installment of World of Music.


The GameEdit

Representative Country Song Artist Place Points
Kaffe 20px-Flag of Denmark.svg Denmark Mind The Gap NABIHA 1st 73
Wesley 23px-Flag of the United States.svg USA Born This Way Lady Gaga 2nd 60
Ella 23px-Flag of the Netherlands.svg Netherlands Home Dotan 3rd 58
Linus 23px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svg United Kindom Crash You Me At Six 4th 50
Dani 23px-Flag of Canada.svg Canada 2 Heads Coleman Hell 5th 47
George 21px-Flag of Norway.svg Norway It Ain't Me Kygo feat. Selena Gomez 6th 44
Chris 23px-Flag of the Philippines.svg Philippines Love Fades Hazel Faith 7th 42
Isaac 23px-Flag of Australia.svg Australia Somebody That I Used to Know Gotye feat. Kimbra 8th 40
Wendy Flag of South Korea.svg South Korea 가시나 (Gashina) Sunmi 9th 39
James 23px-Flag of Italy.svg Italy L'Esercito del Selfie Takagi & Ketra 10th 36
Blaine 23px-Flag of Romania.svg Romania Safari Serena 11th 34
Mikey 21px-Flag of Iceland.svg Iceland What's Wrong With Your Eyes Sin Fang 12th 32
Tung Flag of Vietnam.svg Vietnam Trong Trí Nhớ Của Anh Nguyễn Trần Trung Quân 13th 24
Nuno 23px-Flag of Japan.svg Japan Niijikan Dake No Vacance Utada Hikaru 14th 24
John 23px-Flag of Poland.svg Poland Superstar MANDEE feat. Maria Mathea 15th 22
Nathaniel 23px-Flag of Sweden.svg Sweden Lilla Fågel Blå Staffan Hellstrand 16th 19
Valentin Flag of Georgia.svg Georgia Hun Bun Cira 17th 19
Bold indicates the host.
Gold indicates the Winner.
Silver indicates 2nd place.
Bronze indicates 3rd place.
Red indicates last place.
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