World of Music XXV
Season Run May 2018
Host 21px-Flag of Kosovo.svg Kosovo (Valentin)
Entries 21
Debuting countries 23px-Flag of Sri Lanka.svg Sri Lanka
Winner 21px-Flag of Norway.svg Norway (Foxreyna)
Strangers by Sigrid
Series Chronology
Previous Season World of Music XXIV
Next Season World of Music XXVI
World of Music XXV is the twenty-fifth season of World of Music. It was hosted by the winner of the twenty-fourth season, Valentin. It was won by Norway with 118 points. 2nd place went to Ireland with 98 points, and 3rd place to Germany with 96 points.


Each representative will choose any country of the world, then pick a song that will count as that country's entry in the contest.
The song has to be related to the country you are representing, either by being made or sung by someone from that country.

There is no requirements or restrictions when it comes to the song, though a link to a Youtube video has to be provided.

All participating contestants will then vote for the songs that they liked best, by distributing 12, 10, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 points to their favorite songs. The winner is the contestant with the most points.

The winner will then be the host of the next installment of World of Music.

The GameEdit

Representative Country Song Artist Place Points
Foxreyna 21px-Flag of Norway.svg Norway Strangers Sigrid 1st 118
Samuel 23px-Flag of Ireland.svg Ireland Chasing Cars Snow Patrol 2nd 98
Dani 23px-Flag of Germany.svg Germany No Roots Alice Merton 3rd 96
George 23px-Flag of Sri Lanka.svg Sri Lanka Paper Planes M.I.A. 4th 84
Isaac Flag of Cyprus.svg Cyprus Fuego Eleni Foureira 5th 84
Blaine 23px-Flag of the United States.svg USA Ultralife Oh Wonder 6th 74
Valentin 21px-Flag of Kosovo.svg Kosovo Anywhere Rita Ora 7th 74
Andrew 23px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svg United Kingdom Shake It Out Florence + The Machine 8th 73
Wesley 23px-Flag of Canada.svg Canada Maneater Nelly Furtado 9th 63
James 21px-Flag of Iceland.svg Iceland It's Oh So Quiet Björk 10th 61
Chris Flag of Finland.svg Finland Restless Heart Niila 11th 54
Kaffe 20px-Flag of Denmark.svg Denmark Seraphina Kashmir 12th 50
Wendy Flag of South Korea.svg South Korea Egoist Olivia Hye ft. Jinsoul (Loona) 13th 43
Joan 23px-Flag of Spain.svg Spain Spinning Over You Reyko 14th 43
Amber 23px-Flag of Luxembourg.svg Luxembourg Apres Toi Vicky Leandros 15th 36
Mikey 23px-Flag of Australia.svg Australia I Am Who You Want Me To Be Jungle Giants 16th 35
Ella 23px-Flag of the Netherlands.svg Netherlands Promises Promises Lisa Lois 17th 34
Nathaniel 23px-Flag of Sweden.svg Sweden Alla Vill Till Himlen Thåström 18th 27
Eve Flag of Switzerland.svg Switzerland A Public Affair Jessica Simpson 19th 25
John 23px-Flag of Japan.svg Japan See You Later Nadia Gifford 20th 24
Tobias Flag of Turkey.svg Turkey Sampiyon Hadise 21st 22
Bold indicates the host.
Gold indicates the Winner.
Silver indicates 2nd place.
Bronze indicates 3rd place.
Red indicates last place.


  • This season marks the two year anniversary of the World of Music series.
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