Yandere: LoveSick
People 6
Situation High School
Series Chronology
Previous Season None
Next Season TBA

Yandere: LoveSick is the first and currently trial season of the Yandere.


Jo (1)

The PlayersEdit

Person Information Status Reputation
Goes to class 3-C Won -5
Goes to class 2-C Won 0
Goes to class 2-B Survived 0
Goes to class 2-A Matched 2
Goes to class 3-A Deceased -5
Goes to class 3-B Framed 6


Person Club Crush Class Reputation Information Status
Ayame Kajiwara Photography 1-A 0 Alive
Ayano Aishi Drama 1-B 0
Chie Okita Photography 1-C 0
Gihe Komukai Sports 2-B 0
Haru Umi None 2-C 0
Hikaru Izawa Gardening 3-A 0
Hisako Usami Science 3-B 0
Hiro Kuga Occult 3-B 0 Eva's "Senpai"
Ikku Futa Science 3-C 0
Isao Karubo Sewing 1-A 0
Ise Kawasaw Light Music 1-B 0
Izumi Nagasawa Sewing 1-C 0
Katai Satake Sports 2-A 0
Kekai Shun Drama 2-B 0
Kinju Suko Light Music 2-C 0
Koharu Hinata Art 3-A 0
Kokona Haruka Cooking 3-B 0
Kokuma Jutsu Occult 3-C 0
Kotono Noda Light Music 1-A 0
Masato Shioya None 1-B -20
Mayuko Ichikawa Student Council 1-C 0
Mei Mio Sports 2-A 0
Midori Gurin None 2-B 0
Mihoko Nozaki Science 2-C 0
Mina Rai Martial Arts 3-A 0
Nobu Numata Martial Arts 3-B 0
Ochiyo Torisawa Cooking 3-C 0
Oka Ruto Occult 1-A 0
Osana Najimi None 1-B 0
Otsu Rieko Art 1-C 0
Risa Yanagita Gardening 2-A 0
Ruki Godo Student Council 2-B 0
Ryu Shobo Reading 2-C 0
Saki Miyu Sewing 3-A 0
Sawako Kamisaka None 3-B -20
Scorpio Ari None 3-C -20
Shey Kit Occult 1-A 0
Shi Ta Martial Arts 1-B 0
Shiba Sawa None 1-C -20
Supana Churu Occult 2-A 0
Ta Kao Gardening 2-B 0
Takashi Koshin Photography 2-C 0 Alf's "Senpai"
Taro Yamada Student Council 3-A 0
Tet Takabe Occult 3-B 0
Wada Kakuei Reading 3-C 0
Yui Rio Cooking 1-A 0
Yuka Kunomasu Drama 1-B 0
Yuna Hina Art 1-C 0
Chiyeko Urogataya Reading 2-A 0 Deceased




Club Leader Members Bonus Status
Cooking Kokona Haruka 3/5 Easy access to knives. Active
Drama Yuka Kunomasu 3/5 Easy access to masks and gloves. Active
Occult Oka Ruto 5/5 Slower loss of sanity. Other students take longer to notice the player. Active
Light Music Kinju Soku 3/5 Access to instrument cases. Active
Martial Arts Nobu Numata 3/5 Can defend yourself without weapons. Active
Photography Chie Okita 3/5 Will be allowed to take photos and not be suspected. Active
Science Mihoko Nozaki 3/5 Access to the laboratory at any time. Active
Sewing Izumi Nagasawa 3/5 Access to as many clean uniforms as possible. Active
Gardening Ta Kao 3/5 Allowed to carry gardening equipment without looking suspiscious. Active
Art Yuna Hina 3/5 Won't look suspiscious when convered in blood. Active
Sports Mei Mio 3/5 Carrying sport equipment won't look suspiscious, futhermore can run faster. Active
Reading Chiyeko Urogataya 0/5 Will be able to borrow books from the library to read them overnight. Closed
Student Council Mayuko Ichikawa 3/3 Can't be joined. Active


The school is divided into several areas:


  • Running Track
  • Sakura Tree
  • Gym
  • Main Building
    • Six large dumsters around the building.
  • Incinerator
    • Sink with water bucket and mop next to it.
  • Garden
    • Garden Shed
    • Greenhouse


  • Storage Room
  • Stage
  • Changing Room
  • Showers

Base FloorEdit

  • Lockers
  • Inside Patio
  • Announcement Room
  • Classrooms 1-A, 2-B, 3-C
  • Art Club
  • Bathrooms
  • Nurse's Office
  • Headmaster's Office
  • Light Music Club
  • Drama Club

First FloorEdit

  • Classrooms 2-A, 2-B, 3-C
  • Bathrooms
  • Faculty Room
  • Occult Club
  • Photography Club
  • Cooking Club
  • Student Council Room
  • Cafeteria

Second FloorEdit

  • Classrooms 3-A, 3-B, 3-C
  • Bathrooms
  • Sewing Club
  • Science Lab
  • Martial Arts Club
  • Library


  • Benches
  • Sink with bucket and mop
  • Ventilation Shafts (One in each corner of the building)


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